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We had a great day today. Started out with breakfast in our cabin. (We find that that prevents us from over-eating.) Then we got off the ship and started walking around. We had three goals: find a good pizzeria, buy a bottle of lemoncello, and get some gelato, and we accomplished all of them! Getting away from the ship is tough. There are many taxi drivers and tour guides trying to get you to hire them, so you have to get past them before you can get on your way. After a few blocks, we thought we were safely away when an older man tried to get us to hire him as a tour guide. He wanted to escort us up the funicular to see the views. We didn't want an escort, but his idea sounded pretty good. The only way we could get rid of him was to go down a side street. Of course, when we did that, in addition to getting rid of him, we also couldn't find our way back to the funicular! After quite a while of walking and asking directions of people who couldn't speak anything but Italian, we finally found the entrance to the funicular, bought our tickets, and made it to the top. There are 2 stops along the way, each at another part of the town. The local people use it all the time. School kids use it to go back and forth to school, etc.

When we got to the top, we wandered around and enjoyed all the sights. That's where we accomplished our first goal. The BEST PIZZA EVER. Just a little pizzeria, but filled with locals. Not one tourist in sight. It was AWESOME! And, with all the walking we did, we didn't even feel the least bit guilty about eating it. We stopped in a little grocery store, too. I know, it probably sounds crazy to some people, but we like to walk through grocery stores in other countries. Too bad we've got all this food on the ship. There was some awesome looking stuff in that store! Anyway, that's where we accomplished goal #2: my lemoncello. And Ray got a container of wine for .85 euros. Big time spender!

The weather here today was perfect. Nice and sunny, probably in the mid to high 70s. Funny thing, though, the local people were all wearing heavy coats and scarves. I had on a little light-weight sweater which I took off halfway through the day, and Ray was in short sleeves. I will say, though, that the people are all very well-dressed. Most of the men have jackets and ties on. Reminds me of my dad, how he used to dress before he got sick. We didn't see even one pair of those baggy pants falling down around the knees. And everyone wears a scarf, not so much to keep warm, but to be stylish. Lots of leather jackets, too. Very nice.

Then it was time to find the upper entrance to the funicular to return to the ship, and I'm proud to say that we did it with no problems. Well, at least no problems finding the entrance. Our tickets didn't work to go back down. We never noticed that they were only good for 90 minutes. So, fortunately, they were only 1.1 euros each, so we bought new tickets and started down. We decided to stop at one of the in-between stops to check out that part of town, which we did. When we got back on the funicular, my ticket worked, but Ray's didn't, so he had to buy still another ticket! That done, we got on the funicular, and it was going up instead of down! So, we went all the way back up to the top and just stayed on until it was ready to go back down. We weren't taking any chances on having to buy another ticket!!

After we got down, we found a gelato place and got our gelato. Goal #3 accomplished. Walked around a little more and came back to the ship, legs and feet aching and exhausted. We should have gone in one of the hot tubs, but we weren't smart enough to think about that at the time. But it was a really great day. And we even had a little time to relax before dinner, which, as always, was delicious.

Our table mates are 2 nice couples, both very well traveled. Oh, we knew one of the couples we met through Cruise Critics was from Easton. Spent a little time talking with them after dinner tonight. He had told Ray yesterday that he went to Lafayette College, and I knew they are a little older than us, but I didn't know exactly how much. I asked him if he knew my cousin, Nick, since he's 5 years older than me and also went to Lafayette. He knows him, but not from Lafayette. It turns out that Nick worked for hm when Nick was in high school. He owned Modern Wallpaper in Easton. And she taught at Vanderveer School, my elementary school, for one year while I was there. I don't remember her, though. What a small world!

So, now we're sailing again, on our way to Athens. Tomorrow will be a sea day (yay!). I love sea days! We'll have our first Meet & Greet get-together with our Cruise Critic friends. Looking forward to meeting the rest of them in person. The clocks go ahead 1 hour tonight, so it will be early to bed for us.

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photo by: spocklogic