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 Since our planned trip to Rabat was called off, we did our own walk-around again. The ship is docked pretty far (easily 2+ miles) from town. I can't believe Princess didn't provide a shuttle for us, but they didn't. Lots of people started out walking, but turned around and came back. We're tough, though (or stupid!), so we continued on. The map Princess provided wasn't too great, either, but we managed. Someone had told us that there is now an actual “Rick's Place” (Casablanca movie). The last time we were there, it was just a little bar inside the Sheraton, or one of the hotels. We really wanted to go there, but we couldn't find it. We weren't even sure if the information we got was accurate, so we just gave up. We did find The Medina, which is the old shopping area, laid out in a big maze. We loved it! Got lost a few times, but we were fine. How fun to look at all the stuff they're selling and interact with the local people. Ray got another pin for his Harley vest (which he gets from everywhere we go) and a Casablanca T-shirt. I got a real pretty top (Arabian looking), which I'll probably only wear on cruises. Couldn't find a souvenir spoon, though, so I got a little key chain that I'll use instead. (Have to keep up this new tradition.) The guy who sold us Ray's shirt asked where we were from. When we told him the US, he made us wait while he rummaged around in his stuff, and then gave us each key chains with the American flag on one side and the Moroccan flag on the other. We weren't sure whether he was giving them to us or trying to sell them to us, so we were hesitant to accept them, but he kept bowing and giving them to us, so we realized he meant them as gifts. The man who sold us my blouse asked where we were from, and, when we said the US, he exclaimed, “My sister lives in Boston!” Of course, you never know whether they're telling the truth or if they're just trying to impress you, but it's still kind of nice. We passed him later on (while we were lost), and he remembered us. Really nice when you consider that the place was literally packed with people. We eventually found our way out of that big maze of shops, walked a little more, and then made our way back to the ship, collapsed into chairs at the coffee bar and each had a cappuccino. That's 2 days in a row that we walked a solid 3 or 4 hours. Granted, some of it was strolling, but some of it was walking at a pretty steady pace. That should take away some of the guilt from the little cookies we had with our cappuccino. Oh, and the pizza we had for a late lunch after that.

Tonight they're having a “movie trivia”. Our one table mate at dinner is an absolute movie buff. He knows all the movies, directors, stars, everything. We've been waiting for a movie trivia so we can team up with him and really WIN! Hopefully, we'll be able to talk him into doing it. He's always reluctant. So now we have an hour to relax before dinner. I think I'll wear my new blouse.

OK.  I'm back on before going to bed.  We went to movie trivia, and Jack, our table mate, did come -- but we didn't win!  We came close, but another team beat us out.  Oh well, we'll try again another time.  Time for bed now.  Tomorrow is a sea day -- whew!

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