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Wake-up call came this morning at 6:30 AM. Had a great night's sleep, but still we weren't ready to get up at that time. The hotel served a wonderful breakfast, and, again, we ate it all. Turns out the only thing we were careful about was the water, and we were VERY careful about the water. At 8AM we were on our way to the pyramids at the Giza Plateau. These are the famous ones where the Sphinx also is. They are just amazing. It's no wonder they are one of the 7 Wonders of the World. They are huge!! There's nothing really to see inside these, so we didn't go in. We got some awesome pictures, though. Hopefully, one of them will be our Christmas picture. Ray did take a ride on a camel. I stayed behind to take his picture. Of course, I misunderstood the directions when we got off the bus. Those who didn't ride the camels were supposed to go back to the bus, because the camels were only going one way, and the bus was picking them up where they were left off. Two other wives and I were waiting where they started the ride to get some good pictures of them returning. After about half an hour and they didn't come back, we started to worry. Pretty soon, our guide and one of the husbands came to get us. They had been waiting at the pick-up place for about half an hour and finally had to come back to get us. How embarrassing. Ray liked the camel ride (of course, it was different and exciting), but he said the 15-minute ride was long enough! It's pretty high up. He said that was the first time he ever rode anything that had to get down on it's knees for him to get on. Then we were taken to one of their government shops for a papyrus demonstration and some shopping.

After that, we got back on the bus for our ride to Alexandria and our ship. We had packed some food from the hotel's breakfast buffet for our lunch, since the ship had a change of schedule and sailed from Alexandria at 5pm instead of 7pm as originally planned, thus no time for a lunch stop. When we got to Alexandria, we stopped at the famous library, which houses hundreds of thousands of ancient scrolls. We couldn't go in, though, since it was closed for their holiday, but we did get out of the bus for some pictures. By that time, we were ready to get back on our ship. It was a long and busy 2 days, but well worth it. As tired as we were, though, we couldn't resist having a look at the little shops set up outside the ship. There were a couple of things I was interested in getting for some of the kids, but I didn't find what I wanted. Came back on the ship, stopped at the coffee bar for a cup of cappuccino, and came back to our cabin. Took some Excedrin and a hot shower to relieve the pain in my aching legs and got ready for dinner. Our table mates said they were really worried about us while we were gone. None of them took the overnight trip, and, after seeing the conditions in Cairo, they were concerned about us. That was nice of them, but we were fine. It would be a shame to miss out on the experiences we had these past 2 days because of being afraid. Not us!

Decided to skip tonight's show which was Motor City (Motown music). It's a good show, but we saw it on one of our other cruises, so decided to come back to the room and relax. Oh, yesterday was the day that we officially became Elite members of Princess – our 150th day of cruising with Princess. Unfortunately, we can't begin to get our benefits until the beginning of our next cruise, which will be on Monday when the transatlantic part of this back-to-back cruise begins. Tomorrow and the next day are sea days. Then we'll be back in Rome, and this part of the cruise ends and we move to our balcony cabin. Yay!

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photo by: Nzelvis