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Holy Camoly!

We left Sydney all sad and were almost thinking about going back to Oz... But boy did New Zealand show us a good time!! Actually an AMAZING time! Words do not justify how incredible everything was. 

We began our journey in Auckland as I mentioned before.  Oh and we ended up running into (and staying in the same hostel as) a guy that we met on our Whitsunday's trip, and Frasier Island trip.  It was crazy we saw him (Jacob) in the airport and then we all went to the same hostel and ended up in the same room... Crazy times! 

Vanessa and I left to go on a Stray bus tour where you can get on and off whenever you want.  We ended up traveling around with the same group for quite some time, and met some wicked people.  I love the Irish haha.  There were two sisters that were so funny!!!  Love their accents!  There were tons of other wicked peeps as well!! Bay of Plenty was our first stop.  Coromandel area was super cool! Hippie styles!  The mountains here are full of grass from top to bottom and were definitely not as big as our Rockies...but they were still super cool! Tons of cows and sheep here as well.  It reminds Vanessa and I of Tasmania a bit, but with more big cities/towns/surfers (ha).  It is so green and lush!!! Beautiful place...I now see why Kiwi's are so proud!  We went to the Hot Pools where, right next to the ocean, the sand has a bunch of HOT water underneath and you can dig yourself a little natural hot tub.  It was a bit cool that day so the hot water was a nice treat. We then later went for a hike in the rainforest/beach in Hahei.  In Raglan area we stayed in this really cool Hostel in the rainforest (which is where I went surfing again and got up so many times, riding the waves like a beginner pro star!!).  There was a zipline at the hostel as well which was fun times!! We visited Haggas Honking Holes and went abseiling in caves!! So crazy!! Have you ever seen the Planet Earth DVD on the caves? Well, I was in something just like that.  It was crazy.  Two guides were with us (who were super cute at that! WOOHOO) and the first abseil was over 60 ft high! I was defintiely shaking in my booties at the beginning, but once you do the first one its all super cool from there on.  We abseiled down about 3-4 big cliffs within the caves. We walked around for about 2 hours down in the coollld coolld atmosphere, climbing huge walls (with no rope or support sometimes!! Honestly if you were are not fit or too scared you could really injure yourself..badly!).  There were tons of glow worms and waterfalls and some cray fish apparently (they may have been tricking us...New Zealanders love to trick us tourists ha).  Leaving the cave I felt like a new woman.  It is definitely one of THE coolest moments of my entire life hands down!  After that we stayed in an aboriginals home (the Maori people).  They have this cool tradition to bulge their eyes and stick out there tongues, which was used to intimidate any enemies way back in the day.  Anyways, they did some really cool cultural performances and taught us a few moves too!! We all slept in a big room together (all 35 of us on the bus that night). SLUMBER PARTY!!!!! haha someone was snoring SO loud that night but nobody had the guts to wake her up, so we put our iPods in our ears and tried to fall asleep (ear plugs didn't work at all hah). 

Next day....SKY DIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like Nahh I would never sky dive.  But then something in me was like I'm going to do it.  So I did.  WOW.  Ummmm... I'm hooked to the adrenaline rush these days...literally.  I want to move here for a bit to do some more crazy things hah. But don't worry Mom I won't be doing that anytime soon ;).  The free fall was incredible. You're hooked up to your pro person and they slip your feet out of the plane (this is @ 12000ft by the way) and then they push you out.  You free fall into the most incredible view you have ever seen!  The clouds are underneath you and the ground is so far away! I was slobbering on the free fall hahah I apologized once our parachute was opened! Oopsies! Once the parachute was opened you floated around for about 5-10 minutes before landing.  I'm still in awe over the jump.  Incredible...Who would have thunk. diving.  Most amazing thing in my life!

Anyways I love my trip.  I am in love with everything about it. 


Heading to Tahiti for a few days to unwind and recover from this crazy trip!  Should be nice to finally relax for a few moments!

See you all so very soon!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to come home in a way.  I miss my friends and family, and even my job :) Can't wait to get back into everything so I can save up for the next big trip!!! (It's already in the planning stages).  Maureen, if you read this, we are sending you to an oasis or something for all that you have done for me while I've been away.  Your incredible!

Love you all so much!!


Actually wait...Maybe I'll stay a bit longer... Hah just jokes

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