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So I haven't been blogging AT ALL during my trip, so I thought that I could update a few people that have been asking me about my trip. I may go back and write about our first part of the trip later, but I will let you know. 

I'm at my friends house in Launceston, Tasmania right now (that's why I am finally able to sit down at a computer for more than 15 minutes).  It's extremely late here so please excuse any run on sentences etc...I'm on vacation as well, so gimme a little break :).    We arrived in Hobart to Lisa and Rowan (the newly married couple that met on our tour in Europe 4-5 years ago AWWW).  They picked us up and we headed onto our journey in Tasmania.  It is soo lucious here!  It sort of reminds me of BC, but honestly it's much prettier and has a lot more beauty (if that's possible).  We stayed with Rowan's grandparents for a bit which was sooo nice (a comfy bed, home cooked food, etc).  They were so cute too!!  We saw a lot of Hobart during the first few days and met up with another friend (Travis) we had met in  Europe.  After that, Rowan had to head back to his home town (Lauceston) for some cricket while Lisa, Vanessa, and I began our little journey together.  We stayed in Coles Bay and saw sooo many incredibly beautiful beaches, rainforests, rocks, mountains, etc.  A few places I will name off the top of my head were Honeymoon Bay, and Wineglass Bay.  The rocks here have an orange sort of mold on them, and against the bluest of blue ocean look fantabulous!!!!!!  Oh on our way to Wineglass Bay we saw a ton of KANGAROOS!! WILD ONES!!!!! They were soo cute!! One had a little 'joey' in his puch.  I named them Wallace (the dad), Joanne (the mom), Joey (the baby in the pouch), and the odd one out I name Paprika...If you know me that's a very common name for things haha.  We also saw HUMPBACK WHALES!!! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing and magical taht was.  I've seen so much wildlife here in Tasmania!! I'm a huge sucker for nature and animals, so I'm pretty much in heaven right now. 

You know the song Summer of 69...well, I changed the words around a bit.  "[These are] the best days of my life".


Thanks everyone for being so patient with me.  I may be able to update you all again in Sydney in a few days, but no promises.  As well, the computer I'm on doesn't let me post too many pictures, so I may be uploading a few in Syndey as well.  I'll keep you posted on FB.

Love you all so much! I miss everyone back home!!!!!!!!

rebecca-lynn says:
I think I have THE WORST grammer in this blog entry...teehee... Oops
Posted on: Nov 23, 2009
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