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So apparently I did my last blog entry wrong and posted it somewhere esle... oops, I hope I do this one right.

Anyways, Sydney is so much fun!!  So nice to be in a big city! It's HUGE! We went to Manly Beach yesterday and it was a really cool area and had a nice beach.  The waves were crazy!  We've been staying with our friend we met in Europe (Gibbo)... Him and his friends are AMAZING people!! We can't wait till they come stay with us in Canadia land eh.  They have been taking us around the whole city, showing us the Opera House and some really huge bridge (Sydney Harbour Bridge we think it was called).  The shopping here is WICKED! We just finished up at a market and are now back into the main city area for some crazy shopping on Pitt Street.  The weather has been fantastic here as well.  Today is so hot! I'm wearing a really tight skirt and Vanessa has to keep checking to make sure I don't have a sweaty bum haha.  I think it's about 36 or so.

Oh ya and we went to a wildlife park.  We fed/touched/played with Kangaroos!!!! We hugged koalas!! Vanessa sheared a sheep haha.  The cockatoo (I think) was hilarious at the park.  He was saying "want a cracker", but it sounded like mother fucker.  Hahaha we took a few videos of was friggen hilarious!!!!

We don't have internet at Gibbos place so we have been checking our email and facebook periodically at cafes and on iPhones.   So because of the lack of internet we are not able to post any pictures right now.  I wish we could because I would love to share more with you all!!!! It may honestly have to wait till I'm home :( boo.  So sorry... I will do my best to upload a few here and there when we have enough time on the internet. 

Part of me can't wait to come home, but another part wants to stay here for good.  Sydney is definitely one of my favorite places so far on this trip.  It feels like home sort of, but people are a lot more relaxed (from what I've encountered), etc.

Apparently my time is running out here..BAH...wish I could write more but I'm freakin out haha

miss you all back at home!! SO much!!!!! Hope everything is amazing for you all.  Miss my momma and my friends a ton!! MWAH everyone
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photo by: Sunflower300