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Today started early. O’dark thirty early to be exact!!!  I had the normal preflight problems, so even though I layed down at 6pm, I just tossed and turned all night. I finally gave up trying to sleep around 01:00 and started my day. I took my shower and then zipped up the rest of the stuff that needed to be packed. I did some last minute bill payments and checked the road conditions for the drive to LAX. I woke up the brat at 02:30 so he could take his shower, and we could button up his suitcase and get everything loaded. We were on the road as planned by 3:30.  And not as planned, but not unexpected, Brian was asleep by 3:45.  So much for helping keep me awake on the drive.


We found the parking place (the Marriot on Century Blvd) and walked our bags over to catch the shuttle to the airport. So far every thing was going smooth and as expected….that was to change as soon as we walked inside. I saw 2 other Dubs fans at the Group Travel counter.  They looked a bit annoyed. Seems that somebody named Cody, had canceled the group travel booking for the flight from LAX to Newark, NJ.  And to make it worse, this had been done on Oct 19.  WTF, why did nobody know about this and have it corrected.  Well we got our boarding passes, but our seats would not be together. I asked to make sure they would not charge me more for giving me peace and quiet…LOL.  After breezing thru TSA security, we walked back to the gate. It looked crowded. So I told Brian, “We have a couple of hours, lets go look for an unused gate futher down and have it to ourselves.  Room to spread out and relax was found and enjoyed.


We were finally called to board the plane. While he was not sitting beside me, Brian was only a couple of rows away on the opposite side of the plane.  After a bit I saw another fan that had had the same problem as we did with the tickets.  “And they sat her right beside me”.  I asked what time she had arrived at the airport and checked in. It was an hour after we did. So obviously they had seats together when we checked in….argggg!  Ok, I did not get to sit with Brian, but I sat with somebody I knew. We had a nice chat. I was thinking, maybe this will not be so bad. Wrong again. The plane we were on was a 757, it had a small audio/video console embedded in the back of each seat. And what do you know, mine is the only one that did not work.  It was stuck in a reboot loop and could not log on. The flight attendant was unable to reset it. So I I got to watch everybody else watching movies and tv shows and playing video games.  I had my cheep knock off MP4 player…its battery lasted about 3.5 hours before it gave up the ghost.  So got to read my book.  At least that worked as expected!  J


We arrived at Newark Liberty International airport.  Grabbed a bite to eat at the terminal McD’s, then found our next gate and settled in to wait for the flight. At least on this next flight we are scheduled to sit together…unless I pay the extra fee for another 5 hours of peace and quiet!!! J

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photo by: Fitnessguru729