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Brian and I leave for Ireland in 4 days.  We have done most of the pre trip prep work already and I am just tying up some loose ends. Just some last minute shopping and then the laundry starts. I have already done most of my laundry and in a feat that is so unlike me....I have started packing already. Hey, I figured why the hell hang the stuff up, only to take it back off the hanger again in a couple of days. I am officially already on vacation (although I did sign up for a 7 hour overtime shift tomorrow from 08:00-15:00. Hey that will help pay for some of the shananigans I have planned for the trip) so being in sunny and warm Southern California, I can live in shorts and t shirts until we leave Thursday morning. Since I expect it to be much cooler in Ireland, I have packed my cold weather clothes for the trip.

Other pre-trip prep has been accomplished. I have already been down to Fashion Valley Mall to exchange some cash into Euros. I dont even want to think about the exchange rate...ouch!!! Last month I went to the high school and arranged for the brat to put on an independent study contract for the time we are gone. I was hoping that by telling his instructors "A MONTH IN ADVANCE" that he would be given his assignments early to work on before we know, so he could enjoy his trip!  But no! Only one teacher has given him his assignments early. His math teacher (strangly enough she is also the only one that sends me updates on both of my sons progress in her class. Kuddos to you Mrs. Vanderburgh) all the others "say" the will give him the work this week. I went the road were you do the right thing to prevent this...guess I know better if we ever get an opportunity to do something like this again.

This trip is a tour with my sons and my favorite band...The Young Dubliners.  Yes I went with them in 2008, but we are going to be in a diff part of Ireland.  And this should be an interesting trip with the kid...he is almost 16 but if he doesnt shave he looks much much older. He has been shaving since he was 12, his beard comes in very full. I am curious how he is going to be treated.

Oh well, off to do the shopping and stuff. The next entry will probably be from LAX while we wait for the 1st leg of our travel.
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