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View from hotel window

Fairly average flight to Bucharest departed Luton at 8-50am and arrived slightly ahead of schedule at 13-55 local time.  Had been warned that Banessa Airport wasn't up to much and so it proved. Entry into Romania was a slow process as we queued in the small entry hall. You could already see,through the window, all the taxi drivers waiting to swoop. Passport control was so long that the bags were on the carousel by the time I got through.

Must have beeen approached by about a dozen guys wanting me to take their taxi, but I headed over to the main road intending to get the bus. Problem was trying to find a place to get a ticket for it and I ended up back at the airport.

Welcome Card From Ministry Of Interior
Was speaking to one guy and after first refusing, took him up on the offer when he said it would be €10. Had been told before going over to expect to pay 35-40 Lei so it was in the ball park and it would get me to my hotel quicker and I could start to get my bearings from there.

Was staying at the Ibis Parliament Hotel, and as the taxi headed down through the town you just couldn't help but be impressed by the sheer scale of it, and how in your face it is. Certainly not the prettiest building in the world, but with it's macabre history and place in the revolution it held a fascination for me at any rate.

Got into my hotel, despite them not being able to find the reservation on their system and had to put the details through from my printed copy .

Bucharest Flag
Decent enough room and a view straight out over to the parliament. A nice welcoming card in the room from the Ministry Of Interior :-D

Headed out and decided to walk it into the city centre to explore the place. Went into the park at Isvor to take pictures of the parliament when the camera memory came up as full. Soon realised that when I had taken the memory card out to clear it I had left it in the PC :-O. So now my first destination would be the Unirea Shopping Centre,had seen it featured in guidebook, where I reckoned I would be able to get a card for the camera. I did eventually after a lot of looking about. Not a great past time of mine and by the time I came out it was totally dark and the temerature had dropped to zero.

Wandered up the road towards Universitate.

Piata Unirii
Most of this area,Lipiscani, is all that is left of the old town, but much of it was like a building site and the side streets looked appauling. The pavements were really uneven and you had to watch your step as you walked along. Got to the metro station at Universitate and cut through it and went into the InterContinental Hotel to see if they would give me a map, as the one I had printed off from the internet wasn't any use. On the Rangers Website, FollowFollow, an unofficial meet up point had been suggested, for any travelling Bears, in a place called Bordellos. I reckoned it must be round the Piata Unirii, but the map on the website wasn't very detailed.

Guy at reception gave me a map no problem and pointed out where the place was. Decided it was time to suss out the metro and went down and bought myself a 10 journey ticket which only cost 8Lei (£2), and used it to go back the one stop to Piata Unirii as I had seen a small restaurant there that advertised Ciorba De Vaccuta (a kind of sour soup made from cows intestines), which I had made my mind up I was going to try, especially after being dared by one TB :-D.

Building lit up with traffic flow info
Sounds worse than it was, and I finished it :-)

Then I headed round to Bordellos and there were about another 10 Rangers supporters in, but it was pretty full with locals a lot of whom were in and ordered food.  Spent the evening here chatting over a few beers and it developed into a bit of a sing along as part of the meet up arangements had included the bar offering to have some suitable music ;-)

Eventually about 1am my long day started to catch up with me and decided to head back to the hotel, which i managed to find easily enough in the dark.  



Marius1981 says:
bucharest is not my fav place in the world. ceausescu pretty much destroyed the whole place, its just concrete down there
Posted on: Feb 17, 2010
dieforu says:
nice work filos:-)
Posted on: Nov 12, 2009
yadilitta says:
Interesting info!
Posted on: Nov 11, 2009
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View from hotel window
View from hotel window
Welcome Card From Ministry Of Inte…
Welcome Card From Ministry Of Int…
Bucharest Flag
Bucharest Flag
Piata Unirii
Piata Unirii
Building lit up with traffic flow …
Building lit up with traffic flow…
Ciorba De Vaccuta
Ciorba De Vaccuta
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