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Today I got up at 7.30   unfortunately I know have the jelly belly. I went down and had breakfast and a drink with the others who were around and every one chatted about their plans for the day. The weather didn’t look good so Steve and Myself decided to go into the village and find a computer to email home. We found a place about 10 minute walks away from our apartments. I had not been able to phone or email home for about 10 days as we had not been near a computer and my phone had no signal in Tanzania. So I spent about an hour on the computer. After that the weather still was not very good so we decided to go walk about the village for an hour or so. We just walked around and on the way we passed a barbers shop and Steve wanted a hair cut but I think he was  a bit nervous so I said I would have my hair cut as well.

So on the way back we popped into the barbers Steve looked so nervous, he went first and had a trim and then I went up and decided to shave it all off  and have a grade 1  it was very short  haha. We made our way back to the apartments where we went and got some money and changed in to shillings.


As we were walking to find somewhere to eat we spotted the ladies so we joined them for lunch I had a burger, bad move as I have a bad gut already. I didn’t eat again after lunch. As it was still cloudy after lunch we decided to put are cash away in our rooms and go for a walk along the beach to see who was around and what was happening. We just walked down one side of the beach to see what was down there. We bumped into Sam and Sara and said hi. We carried on walking and after a while the sun came out so we stopped and sunbathed for a while then I went in the sea for a swim it was warm and taste very salty haha, I only swam in the shallows.


We walked back and bumped in the Sam, Missy, Sara, Anne and Susan who was sun bathing.. We decided to walk down the other side of the beach to the lighthouse. It is so nice here it was uncommercialised we got to the lighthouse turned around and strolled back we seen Chevone, Pamela and Livy on the way back so we had a chat and walked back with them. 


We went for a meal just the original gorilla group and Sara. It is nice sitting in a group chatting and joking around. I could not have any dinner as I have the runs and I am trying to starve myself for 24 hours so I had water. We then walked back to our bar and had a few drinks with some of the group, others went to bed. I hope I feel a bit better tomorrow


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