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 I got up early again and went and sat with Pete and had a cup of tea and waited for the others to  wake up. We had breakfast and I chatted with the others and then Emanuel told us there was still probs with the truck and instead of risking carrying on and it breaking down further down the road and risk not getting to the gorillas he wanted to stay and get it fixed but that meant staying for another night at the campsite he said that they aloud time for this to happen. 


 We didn’t really mind, as it was such a nice campsite. He said that he would arrange for us to go in to the town to email or post letters or whatever. So we hung around in the sun and had a laugh with the others about the truck breaking down so early on in the trip. We decided to waste some time and played cards  so we just chatted away. We went into town except Alan and Helen, as Alan had been a bit poorly with a tummy bug.


We got in town  and got shown where things were and split into groups Anne went with Emanuel to find the post office. Steve, Eric, Sam and Sue went to an email place right where the taxi dropped us and Missey and Sue just up the road and then me and Cathey had to walk further to find a email place. So I emailed home to let them know what I was doing. On the way back the heavens opened and it was torrential rain apparently it does that every day around the same time the roads were turning into like rivers so I got soaked. It had also been raining back at the campsite. We got back had a shower and then got into dry clothes and then had a meal and went back to bar and had a beer and a chat.


It so funny there are so many dogs here and on the bar are three dog beds where the small dogs sleep the other's also lay around the bar but at night time they guard the tents and there are theses two white dogs  one sleeps on the steeps of the men’s toilets and the other on the ladies and when you go for a pee it will raise an eye to see who you are then like go back to sleep. Tomorrow is an early start and a long drive again

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