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joy Alderson's house

 I helped the other’s put down there tents and told them all about the room and how cold it was. The Guides overheard me and said " why didnt you get your sleeping bag out of the truck it was open because Pete sleept in it last night" everybody burst out laughing.  I said I thought it was locked at night, once again I was wrong


After breakfast we got dropped of at a shopping complex so that Edwin and Leigh could go to silver springs and meet the new group and do the forms etc. This was ideal because I had so much washing to be done but when we got there Sam and myself got  told first two days then the next day before it's ready  which was no good to us.


We then went to a heath food shop where we bough vitamin c and I bought loads of protein bars and shakes ( before I came on this trip I trained everyday and was on a strict bulk up diet) so coming here eating diffrent food has been a big shock to the system and im loosing weight/muscle mass fast.


I then went to use the email I wrote I really long email home then the bloody computer switched of so I lost it all it done this 3 times so I ended up only writing a really short email. I left the others and went and changed some dollars to Shillings. We meet up again and walked back to the Silver Spring to meet the truck and the new people . The time we got there they were outside the bus we just walked past and said hi and went to put are stuff on the truck. We sat down and the new people sat where they put their bags. We didn’t really talk the German couple introduced themselves and the others spoke amongst themselves and ignored us.


We arrived at are new campsite after a quick stop to show the new people a viewpoint of a rift valley lake.

The campsite was nice and I got all my washing in so tomorrow I will have clean clothes. We set up for lunch and put are tents up and Edwin showed the new group how to do it. After lunch most of us went to see Joy Alderson house. The weather was drizzling. We watched an ancient video I was trying to stay awake the heat was making me tired. After the video we had tee and cake in the front room and after I went outside for a walk in the garden there was beautiful views it was very pleasant. It was amazing though, I remember watching born free and hearing all about her and her husband, and be be sat in their house was cool.

 We got back to the campsite and we were bored so Steve, Missy, Susan and myself played Frisbee this was a laugh. After a while everyone went to do there own thing so Steve and myself gave Pete a quick hand moving the dinner stuff. We had tea again and I had a chat with with the other group.


I have just come from the bar tomorrow is an early start for a game walk in the morning.

I was supposed to be sharing a tent with Steve but he snores so loud and constant I could not stand it so I knew nobody was sleeping in the truck so I have grabbed my sleeping bag and got my mozzi net and I am going to sleep in the truck tonight.

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joy Aldersons house
joy Alderson's house
The Island in the background is wh…
The Island in the background is w…
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when I edit/pub;ish the blog i wi…