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It was s cool upgrade and cheap. Shame I spent most of the night on the bathroom floor



I was up most of the night listening to the sound of rain.  I was knackered so took my time getting up. I had no flysheet on so I knew if I laid in bed my stuff would get totally drenched again. I just about managed to get my sleep gear put away into the truck they the heavens really opened up on me. So once again I was crawling around in torrential rain taking my tent down and putting it away, it was soaking wet inside the tent. And the tents had been put away wrong so I had to take them out, re pack some and put them away properly so Clinton’s tent would fit as he was the last after me to put his tent away. 


I was already soaked so I walked over for a quick shower with muddy water covering my feet .

I had a soggy breakfast and warm drink and just got on the truck soaking wet. I took my coat of and hung it with the other guys and put a dry top on and just sat in wet shorts. We had a very long day today 12 hour’s to our next destination so most of the day driving we had a few short breaks.


We arrived at Dar Es Salaam and took a ferry to the peninsular where we are spending the night. We arrived when it was dark but luckily there was the option to upgrade so I was still feeling very poorly with bad pains in my gut and constant nose bleeds  so I went for a fancy suite. It is very nice hear but. After being shown my room and unpacking all my stuff away I hiked my heavy bag to my room. I was feeling so bad. I had sweat pouring of me.  And the pains in my stomach were getting worse.

I went and had a cold shower to try and cool down. Then I was very sick.  I wanted to be with the others and have a good evening but I went to the bar, went and sat with the others they had already eaten. I tried to eat the food and have a drink but I just had sweat pouring from me, and felt very sick and light headed like I was going to pass out. I got up  to quick and nearly falling down and made my way back here to my room. I spent a lot of time going Back and forth to the bathroom. The pains are really bad making me bent double at times. I am going to try and sleep and just put up with the pain and see how it goes. If it gets to bad I will go and find someone get some help.


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It was s cool upgrade and cheap. S…
It was s cool upgrade and cheap. …