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 Up early again this morning. I was aching from the rapid. It was lightly raining when I got up so I decided I would wait for the rain to stop before taking my tent down this turned out to be a mistake. I  went for breakfast by now the rain was getting heavy so people were going on the truck to eat breakfast there was only three tents left up. Cathy and Sam were doing their’s but I decided to let the rain stop well it did the opposite it started raining torrentially. So I had no choice but to go out and get the tent down, Alan put on his waterproofs and said he would kindly help me. So we went out and Emanuel told us that he was going to have to move the truck to the top of the hill before it got stuck  so we would have to carry the tent to the top of the hill once it was down.


 So Alan and myself took my tent down and put it in the bag within a couple of minutes we were soaked to the skin. We took the tent to the top of the hill where the truck was we had a river of muddy water going down the steps, we put my tent down and the others were looking out of the windows at us. We had to repack Sam and Cathy’s tent and also Pete’s and put them away. The breakfast tables etc were still down the bottom campsite so as we were already soaked we said that we would help cart it  up to the truck.  The rain was so heavy at this point. After we got everything put away Emanuel said we had better move and he would pull over and properly sort things out when it was dry.  Alan was soaked but his waterproofs helped a bit I was drenched so I took my coat and t shirt of dried my top and put a dry t shirt on and just stood near the door to dry and drip dry.


We drove for a while then pulled over near a garage  we got everything wet out of the truck and laid it in the sun and sorted the truck out. We Arrived at Eldoret campsite, and set up the tents,  my tent weighed a tonne it was full of water. I put it up with the help of Eric and Steve and the inside was soaking wet. I got the mop and then a towel and got it as dry as possible.


After a nice hot shower I came back and it started to rain again  so I put Sam’s and Cathy’s fly sheet on and went and helped doing tea with the rest of my group. It continued to rain lightly and then stopped. We went to the bar and had a few drinks the others said for me to try and get a room but I thought my tent would be ok, we had a drink and a chat for a while then went to go bed . When I got to my tent I opened it to find a huge pool of water inside and my diary etc floating. I took my wet sleeping bag, mat and inner sheet etc and went and put it in the truck. I had to go and see the owner and get a dorm room, luckily he had a spare one but the people were going to be getting up at 3.45 I had no choice so I have taken it.


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