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Just some photo's of the countryside from the truck

Today I was up early as usual and went for breakfast. I didn’t sleep that well but it was nice listening to the animals. We sat around chatting over breakfast  and I told them all about what happened the night before, they peede themselves laughting. We had another long drive today we crossed the border into Rwanda.


There is a noticeable difference in the landscape  they call it the land of a thousand hills. The weather was nice and sunny we just chatted in the bus everyone is excited because tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for. We are going to see the gorillas so the past 5-6 days driving will hopefully have been worth it.

I am sure it will be amazing I have wanted to see them for so long so I will be a dream come true.

It is nice just looking at the landscape it's beauty can take your breath away sometimes it seems so peacefull here. As you drive along you see the villages and towns. Again you see children working and walking from and to school along the roads all waving and running after the bus..


   We went to the genocide museum today I vaguely remember that something happened here but until I went into the museum and seen the exhibit and got told what had happened in this Country which I though was so peacefull looking and beautiful really shocked me. To hear the stories and see pictures and read the stories and what happened from start to finish was horrible I never knew the massacre happened on such a monstrous proportions. It changed a lot of the group's views on the people in Rwanda because some of the people we were seeing around the town's and village's must have taken part in the mass killings as well as some of them being victims and having watched them families raped, tortured and killed in such brutal ways.

Some of the group were finding it hard to look at the people.


We arrived at the campsite pretty early so we got told where everything was like the showers etc. It was like an educational canvas we were staying at. The showers were freezing but it wakes you up quickly. After setting up camp and having a shower etc we were told we could go into the local town and email or post letter’s . So we meet at the truck and went into town I walked with Eric and Steve the ladies behind us. The people seem friendly they would stare but not in a bad way. We just walked around the street's for a while then found an Internet café where most went to.


Steve and myself decided to have a wonder so we spent an hour or so wondering around seeing the locals.

We made are way to a local market it was strange to see, they would look and smile. There was a lot of clothes and shoe stalls most looked second hand then we got to the meat stool it looked wrank. Then we seen the dried fish which stunk then onto fruit, veg, and spices etc. We were wondering if we were going to find are way out of the market?.  We did eventually so we had another little stroll and made are way back to the Internet cafĂ©.  . 


  After we walked back to the campsite, we sat around with the others and had a chat some went to the bar. I  helped Pete prepare dinner so I made a start on peeling potatoes I done loads then Sue f and then Anne came to help with preparing tea after they had there shower’s.

  Tea again was lovely  we sat around with drink's and ate are meal, then Emanuel told us all about the mountain gorillas and the area we are going to go and see.


 He is so passionate when he explains and passes on information to you it's nice to hear.  After a chat he told us the plan for the morning it was going to be the earliest start yet breakfast at 5am so up at 4.30am. Where we will be picked up by mini bus and took to the national park. After tea my team and myself washed and dried the dishes then sat around the coals talked about the gorillas tomorrow every one is so excited. It know 9.40 and everyone has gone to bed, it's still pretty noisy here I am going to try and get some sleep but I am so excited, it has been tiring getting here a lot of long driving days. I have been waiting for this a long time.

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Just some photos of the countrysi…
Just some photo's of the countrys…
They call it the land of a thousan…
They call it the land of a thousa…