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When the mist cleared there was beautifull views



We had to get up early again today , this was to be our last game drive so I hope it’s a good one and maybe see some more big cats.  It is pretty chilly this morning. Again Sam and myself  were last to get breakfast so we were eating are breakfast at the same time as  trying to make our packed lunch.


We got picked up by are guides in 4by4s.

Originally in was kind of arranged that the balloon people would all go in the same truck but this never happened, as Sue wanted Missy with her. So I ended up going with Sam, Steve, Clinton and Brooke. It was very misty first thing and visability a bit poor. We seen some game on the way to the grater mainly the odd Impala.


 We arrived at the entrance to the crater there were beautiful views on the way down of the mountains as the mist cleared we stopped to take photo’s and to see the odd bit of game. We reached the bottom and drove to where the other jeeps had stopped.  So we could take the roof down so we could stand up and see the game. We then had Sara join are jeep as they could not all stand up in their jeep. We drove and seen the soda lake then drove to a nearby watering hole where the hippo were, and behind the hippos on the bank we could just see two lionesses.


From here I could see 4 jeep’s pulled over on the road watching something so I mentioned this to the driver but instead of taking us straight there he drove back the way we just came where there was nothing and drove the long way around.

  And by the time we got there what they were all looking at was walking away. It was lionesses and there cub’s so I seen their asses. But then out of nowhere to the side of are jeep came a juvenile lion which Sam spotted and told us about again I only saw its rear. We were a bit annoyed with the driver for not taking us straight there.


So we continued to drive around seeing the Impala, wilder beast, zebra etc. We then asked if he could take us into the forest so we could look for black rhino. We drove to the forest and on the way we seen lionesses stalking the wilder beast and the zebra it was amazing to watch they were so well camouflaged and moved so slowly. We didn’t get to see a hunt or kill but it was cool to watch them in their natural habitat stalking prey. We watched for a while then drove towards the forest. We drove through slowly by know it was very hot and dusty and I was so tired. We didn’t see any rhino but we saw elephants.


After a while we went to a picnic site and seen the other group’s to see what they had seen we knew they were lucky enough to see the lionesses and their young, After a short break we went back out for another drive we seen more wilder beast, zebra and hyenas. Then after maybe an hour I saw a lot of trucks in the distance pulled over. This time the driver drove towards the spot,  we had to go around a long route. On the way we saw a lot of water buffalo and zebra.


As we got to where the trucks were we could see what it was, it was a lion in the middle of the road lying up against the side of a jeep.

We got brave, opened the windows stuck our heads out and took better photo's
We got close to it and just watched it. It was funny to watch he didn’t seem at all bothered he was happy in the shade of the truck and as soon as the truck carefully moved it stood up looked around and walked over to the next truck and lay in the shade it was so funny.


Eventually after watching it and having a laugh the truck moved and it was left in the middle of the road. Are driver moved and parked about 6ft to the side of the lion. Both Clinton and myself opened are window’s and were stuck our bodies/heads out to get better photo’s . It looked so peaceful like you could almost get out and stroke it. We watched it for about 10mins and then decided we had better leave it alone.


I got some amazing photo’s you can see every detail and scar on his face I got that close.

It has such a cool mane like a mohawk   We made our way to our place for lunch we saw a male lion laying in the open and we saw the norm stuff. But because it was my last game drive I payed even more attention to every detail on every animal I came across and took it the whole landscape every smell, colour and savoured every moment We made it to a site near a small lake with more hippos in. The views were amazing we had a chat about what we had all seen. And we had pretty much seen the same thing.


I then got warned be-careful when having lunch, as the kites will nick it. So I got my sandwich out had a bite and before I knew it kite’s came from nowhere and grabbed part of my sandwich and finger and the rest they dropped on the floor,  so we then had loads of these kite dive booming the floor. Trust me being the only one to have this happen to. Everyone found this very funny.

After lunch well lack of lunch we set of again. We drove through the crater seen another male lion and got some good photos, it was funny they way it sat up and looked like it was having a dump and the expression on his face was so comical.


Then we stopped at an old elephant carcass, which had vultures all over and hyenas tearing chunks out of it. It was smelly. We got photos then moved on towards the forest. We seen in the distance a family of lions. We got to the forest and I thought we were going to do a game drive again but we were heading out of the crater. We didn’t see anything else. We stopped at a few viewpoints and got are last photos.


We drove back and meet the truck and the others.

The Ngorongoro crater is where they found Lucy a prehistoric lady and where there are footprints in the ash, we didn’t get to see this unfortunately. But sadly for me it is my last game drive and last real look at African countryside. It has not sunk in yet what I have seen on this trip and what I have achieved but it is sinking in that I will be leaving all of this and the amazing people I have meet and will be going home. But not yet I still have 5 days left. 


We drove to Arusha afterwards. We stayed at an excellent campsite called Snake Park. The showers are freezing but I am used to that. After setting up camp . I went to the bar and had a few drinks. The bar is so neat it is where people leave old t-shirts that are signed and other bits and bobs it was funny to see them all and read them. Then Edwin told us that our truck had left a t shirt here before , we had a look at the truck was called the flying pig and underneath it had “another shit day in Africa”.

We had our tea prepared for us it was a bbq. So we all sat down for dinner and had a few drinks. After dinner I went back to the bar and had a drink with everyone and looked about. Then one by one they went bed apart from Clinton, Brooke, Pamela, Livy, Chevone and myself stayed up and had a laugh we went bed around midnight. The other’s were a bit tipsy and noisy it was a bugger trying to figure out where are tents were and which one was ours as there were several group’s there. I found mine and showed Livy where her tent was as it was next to mine and the others eventually found there’s. We are up at 5.30 tomorrow


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When the mist cleared there was be…
When the mist cleared there was b…
We got brave, opened the windows s…
We got brave, opened the windows …
umm cant remember what its called
umm cant remember what its called
Lioness on the prowl
Lioness on the prowl
Hyenea in bed
Hyenea in bed
I took loads of photos of this li…
I took loads of photo's of this l…
We were maybe 6ft away
We were maybe 6ft away
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These checky buggers stole my lunch
The expresion on his face was comi…
The expresion on his face was com…
Tasty snack for some- It was an el…
Tasty snack for some- It was an e…
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leaving the crater
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unside down tree, the branches lo…