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Lake Baringo early morning

 I got up around 5.30  and  sat around the hot coals I was the first up so I just had a cup of tea and chatted to Pete the cook and Emanuel the tour leader they said it takes a few days to get used to camping. It was comfy enough last night. I did get a bit worried when I heard some kind of animal at the back of my tent in the night. 

 We did get told if we have to go toliet flash a tourch around first and check for hippos because they come out at night to eat, and if you spook it and your in it's way of getting back to the lake it will charge at you and there are a lot of deaths from hippos. Nice


  After breaky we meet the local guide and went out on the boats on lake baringo; it was a lot calmer then yesterday.

There were many species of bird's here
We got split in to 2 groups. We just set of  to see the hippos. It was the first of many animals i wanted to see on this trip,   it was nice to watch them in the water and to be told all about them.


We saw a lot of different birds some very colourful I took some photos of the herring etc. It was very peaceful on the lake with amazing views I really enjoyed it. We then went and seen the Massai fishermen where we bought some fish to feed the fish eagles.  He had a little dug out boat and bits of wood as oars they used nets to get the fish if was funny to see. He gave us this wet wood that the guide stuffed into the fishes mouth into its belly so it would float. 


We went along and they found where the fish eagles were they would whistle at them then he said get ready to try and get a photo.

This is the best photo I got of the eagle, shame it's of it's ass
He threw the fish in I pointed the camera and it just came down so fast I got a photo of its ass  But only I think 2 people out of 11 got some kind of photo.  After the trip we had lunch and got shown how to put are tents down. Doc picked mine to take down as an example this was embarrassing as it was a bit messy I had all my gear in it still so I had to go and grab it all out.  He took my tent down with the others. I couldn’t get my sleeping bag back in so I asked Doc advise I showed him how I was trying to fold it he laughed and said he has seen this a lot so he said just unzip it and stuff it in so he done this for me in about 15seconds so know I know. 


 We then had a long drive to Eldoret.  The drive was long but we could look out of the windows and see the landscape and people. We arrived at the campsite and got shown where every thing was.

We bought some fish from this bloke to feed the eagles
We then set up are tents. There are so many dogs here.  I then went for a shower and to my surprise there was a lot of pressure and hot water it was so nice to have a hot shower and a shave

We had tea and a chat ,  today the leaders set up a roster and put us in teams I am with Sue f, Anne and Helen we all take it in turns to do truck duty which is clean the inside of the truck, kitchen help so help Pete prepare the food or washing and dying duty.

It is so funny we dry the plates etc by flapping them in the air to air dry it must look very strange for passers by.


The campsite is really nice the bar area is incredible a lot of money must have been spent here. There is like mini water features all around and a great big fire, which we all sat around all, had a chat. I am having conversations know and getting to know more about the people I am travelling with and I am getting on with everybody .

 The weather here isn’t that great there were rivers of water going through the town and to here.

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Lake Baringo early morning
Lake Baringo early morning
There were many species of birds …
There were many species of bird's…
This is the best photo I got of th…
This is the best photo I got of t…
We bought some fish from this blok…
We bought some fish from this blo…
My first sighting of the hippos
My first sighting of the hippo's
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The lake was full of the sounds o…
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The Massai fishermen
The Massai fishermen