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I slept ok last night it was pretty comfy, I got up before the others and walked down to the lake and went to see the sunrise, it was nice and peaceful I stayed there for about an hour . The air was so fresh and the sound of the birds coming to life and the sound of the small waves touching the shore was just what I needed. Went I got back to the truck  Pete was preparing breakfast so I told him I slept in the truck he just laughed. I sat and had a cuppa with him as the other's were still in bed.


 After Breakfast we walked to the lake and we got onto boats and went to Crescent Island. The lake was not rough just gentle small waves.

We arrived at a secluded cove, where we got told the rules about game walks. As we walked towards the animals our guide was telling us all about the different trees and all about the wildlife on the island.

. There was a great variety here to look at.


It was amazing how close you could get and all wildlife was all around you. To be able to walk and see them in there natural environment was out of this world.Seeing these animals from a jeep or truck is cool but to be able be walk around and be in their world is awsome.


There were plenty  Giraffe, Zebra, Tomas gazelle and other antelope and different birds. It is something to remember and  I got video and photos for my freinds and familey to see. I really enjoyed being able to walk around and to sit and admire these animals. They didnt really pay any attention to us. What else can I want, the sun was shining and everybody is having a good time.


 I made an effort to chat to the new people I talked to Clinton and Brooke who are from Sydney and to Livy and Pamela. After we walked with the animals we went back on the lake and bought some fish of the massi fishermen to feed the sea eagles. After my last effort to get photos  and only getting its ass I thought I would try and  recorded it ( this didnt really work either)


 After dinner I went to the bar for a few drinks already it seems the old and new group’s are divided a bit sad really but it must be hard for a group to join a trip two weeks in? 

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These tow were comical to watch, I…
These tow were comical to watch, …