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Today I was awake at 6.30 but dozed for another hour before getting up and breaking camp. We sat around and had breakfast and joked about last night and told the others about the club, that was a funny night. Today was just a short drive to Jinja. The campsite is nice as we are camped right near the Nile River where you can see the rapids and hear the water crashing below you. It’s an awesome view from sitting in your tent with the flap open. I was going to sleep outside tonight under a mozi net but it is a very high-risk area so I chose to sleep in a tent.


We arrived at the campsite set up camp and got shown where everything is like the toilets etc then asked who wanted to go for a village walk later on so most of us went.

After lunch we just sat on the banks looking at the rapids just chilling out some wrote letter’s I just sat and watched the kayaks. After an hour two men turned up who were are guides from the local village they introduced themselves then of we went. Before we got to the village we stopped to see a nice view of the Nile and got told that where we were standing would soon be a 5 star hotel and the rapids that we were looking at and going on tomorrow wont be around in two years as there is going to be a dam built so the campsite will also be gone and will be under water and the rapids will just be a calm lake.


  The village walk was great because you got to see the people living their daily lives. The guide took us to a shop where the group bought a bag of sweets for the kids it was later decided that I was the one to hand them out. We had a look around and the guide took us to his home and introduced us to his family and showed us around his land.

As we left a couple of kids joined us it was funny as toys they had a piece of polyester with a stick through it and they would hit the poly to make it fly off the stick they were having great fun with something so simple.

 As we walked around we were told all about the different trees and crops and what they were used for. And told about their daily lives, we would walk along and people would wave and say jambo. We had a lot of kid's following us around as we passed their houses we would stop and I would have to hand them a sweet each.  The look on there face was priceless they were so gratefull and happy just to get a sweet.


We had  a lot of kids following us and they would hold your hand and talk to you this felt a bit strange having kids hold your hand and walking with you but they were very happy and there parents were happy.

  As we walked around with the kids we were taking photo's and the kids wanted their photo , because they have never seen what they look like so you had to  get down to there level and show them on the camera who they were and what they looked like , it made there day. They would look at the camera and laugh and point to there friends. We met the head lady of the village and Cathy and me took her photo with her family there was four generation in the photo Cathy has her address and I will send her the photo of the village and the people in it as soon as I can


We walked the scenic way back along the hills, this was dodgy in places I kept laughing at Sue f nearly falling over all of the time then one of the kids had my hand so I was trying to get the kid to walk on this narrow path and I was trying to walk on the banks so then I kept falling over I though at any minute me and the kid are going down the cliff .

  So I had to get the kid to walk in front of me Sue found this very funny as I was taking the mik out of her being clumsy. 


We got back had a drink then went to check out the showers. The one's at the bottom near are tents were freezing but the ones up the path on the hill were the best so far. The door wouldn’t really close properly so you had to be careful but there was a lot of pressure and lovely hot water it was heaven and the doors are cut away at the top so while you are having a shower you can see the Nile river and the rapids.  After tea we got invited to the top campsite  bar for free drinks and food. It was a bloke called Ben Holland memorial  he was the cameraman for the rapids and an expert on the rapids . There was loads of people there including his friends and family.

  It showed loads of photos of him  they put together a tape of all the canalage he had recorded of people on the rapids coming off. I only stayed for a beer it didn’t seem right to be getting free beer  when he died and I never knew the guy. 


 Im know in my tent its 11.35 and tomorrow I doing the rapids im well nervous as I cant swim and have a serious love hate relationship with water.  I love being around the sea fishing and chilling out but on the otherhand Im scared of the sea. As a child I had a couple of bad memories nearly drowning but im going to try and brave it haha.

 Its roasting hot and im trying to find and kill the mozi in my tent im sure I have missed some. The sounds of the rapids is cool very relaxing


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