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They're funny, y'know?

In the past few days, I've met the oddest assortment of characters on the streets of Alexandria.

The first was an 87 year old Hungarian communist. We met at Midan Tahrir, in front of the French embassy. The conversation went thus:

Communist: Hallo! Welcome to Alexandria!
Meg: Thank you! :)
Communist: I'm a communist!
Meg: really? That's... cool. *nervous laugh*
Communist: Yes, and I'm 87 years old. I'm from Hungary, and I came to Alex when *mumble mumble mumble* (Read: When the commies were ousted unceremoniously from the country and exiled).
Meg: Oh, that's nice. I'm from Australia.
Communist: There used to be -lots- of communists there! DAMN THE FRENCH AND THEIR EXTRAVAGENCES! *shakes fist at the embassy building*
Meg: Oh, I rather like the French. Excuse me... our *limousine* is waiting for me around the corner. BYE! *runs off*

The next, was a woman who seemed a little thick. She would have been about 35 or so, heavy set with BRIGHT GREEN eyeshadow and fuscia lipstick on. Quite garish. I was waiting on the street for the 'rents to emerge from the chemist.

Crazy Lady: Hello! Welcome to Alexandria! Where are you from?
Meg: Hi! I'm from Australia.
Crazy Lady: Ooooohhh! Verrrry nice! I like your earrings *grabs my ear and twirls aroun the pearl/diamond earrings Robert gave me for my birthday*
Meg: Thank you... my boyfriend gave them to me.
Crazy Lady: From Australia?
Meg: Yes.
Crazy Lady: So you can get more?
Meg: Err... why?
Crazy Lady: Give me your earrings?
Meg: WHAT?! No.. really. I can't do that.
Crazy Lady: Why? You can get more in Australia. I want an Australian souvenier.
Meg: Sorry. No.
Crazy Lady: here. I'll give you my bracelets *pulls off three gold-coloured bangles from her wrist*
Meg: I really can't trade you. You keep your bracelets.
Crazy Lady: It's okay. They're not real. Only plastic! (Oh yes. a REALLY fair trade there).
Meg: I don't want your bracelets. My boyfriend will be really angry with me if I give these away.
Crazy Lady: But I want them. Give me something else from Australia then.
Meg: Hah. No. Leave me alone now, please. Srsly.
Crazy Lady: Can I come visit you at your hotel? I can come stay with you and take you to the bus stop!
Meg: Bye! *walks away*

Then there was the group of deaf Egyptian teenagers, to whom I donated some baksheesh to, to help fund a new school that is being built for them (I got a pamphlet for donating).

Deaf kids: nrrgh! *waves, smiles and handshakes for the baksheesh*
Meg: *waves et al back*
Deaf kids: *points to me, shrugs* (Read: Where are you from?)
Meg: *hop hop hop* (Read: Australia)
Deaf kids: nrrgh ugh! *clap clap clap* (Read: That's so totally rad!)
Meg: *bows head and beams at the deaf kids* (Read: Thanks! You guys have an awesome night, k?)
Deaf kids: *thumbs up* (Read: Right-O, will do!) *waves* (Read: Catcha then!!)
Meg: *waves back* (Read: Adios, amicos!)

Then, finally, just before turning onto our street...

Sock peddlar: Hallo! Buy my socks, Habibi! ("Habibi" = "My love")
Meg: No thank you!
Sock peddlar: You are so beautiful...
Meg: La, Shukran. (Read: No, thank you - In arabic)
Sock peddlar: You will be even more beautiful if you buy my socks!
Meg: I'm already worth 10,000 camels. I don't think a pair of socks will increase my value in camels. So, no, thank you.
Sock peddlar: Oh, Habibi! Your eyes are like the diamonds in the souk!
Meg: The diamonds in the souk are made of glass. I'm not going to buy your socks.
Sock peddlar: I really like you.
Meg: I really don't care.
Sock peddlar: Everyone needs socks! Even beautiful women like you!
Meg: I'm sure they do. Bye now!

Today, we went to Rosetta (well worth the trip - I've videoed it and you shall all see it for yourselves! Sadly, only a Replica Rosetta Stone, but the Ottoman architecture was lovely). Tomorrow, Dahab. Tonight, hopefully, wine! :D
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