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Elephantine Island
Feeling a lot better today, and as a result I'm a lot more cheerful. A Plus.


Today, we visited several places.. The Nubian Museum (EFFING BRILLIANT :O), and Elepantine Island. On Elephantine we moseyed around the Aswan Archaeological Museum, and saw the excavated remains of the old Nubian village of Abu. This was particularly exciting as there was artefactual material bursting out of the ground. Any archaeologist worth their salt would have wet themselves at the stuff that was being exposed - potsherds, mosaic tiles, beads, amulets... Were I not worried about the severity of the punishment, I would have seriously considered slyly procuring bottlefuls of dirt to take home with me. :D

Spent the afternoon walking around the villages and getting to know the local Nubians, who are such genuinely warm and welcoming people.
Had a really nice time - no hassles, no touts, no hoards of tourists as large tour groups are not allowed into the villages (HA! Suck on that Contaiki and Thomas Cook!).

Also, I don't remember if I mentioned it in yesterdays note, but at Abu Simbel we witnessed the forceful eviction of a inappropriately dressed German woman from The Ramses II remple. She would have been in mid thirties, on the larger side of plump, and wearing little more than a (mostly transparent) bikini with tiny tiny shorts, sunbaked to such a crisp that she was waddling along with spread legs because normal locomotion was evidently far too painful for her. She became outraged when she was told by the guards that she was not allowed into the temple dressed like that and that she could come back if she covered up more respectfully.

Oh, if only more of Egypt's tourism police did that... Perhaps the hoards of European tourists would realise then that they are not on Ibiza and should not flash their flamingo pink fat rolls to others who don't wish to see them.

And now, I am off to take tea with our new friend Osama - the only Egyptian man we have met who doesn't make me feel uncomfortable. He has a baby crocodile (I named her Betty), who he'll kill and stuff when she reached the age of two. But until then, she's quite fun to play with... weak claws and teeth right now, y'see. :)

Mas Salaam!
almond72 says:
And my mum kept telling me to rake up all the broken shards of pottery in the backyard. Maybe I should just open a museum.
Posted on: Nov 21, 2009
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Elephantine Island
Elephantine Island
Elephantine Island- A fetishist ar…
Elephantine Island- A fetishist a…
photo by: Vikram