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An overly tanned Russian girl in the Restaurant we ate in this evening...

Supertart: (leaning over) Wherrr are you froom?
Meg:/ Australia
Supertart: I em frum Russiya
Meg:/ I thought you might be... :)
Supertart: There are mahny off us here, ya? :)
Meg:/ There most certainly are...
we randomly talk or about 5 or so minutes... also, I'm not going to attempt to recreate her accent here anymore as it's too hard.. :/
Supertart: have you noticed how big the p**ises of the Egyptian men are?
Supertart: Their p**ises. All the men have big p**iseshere.
Meg:/ To be honest, I don't make a habit of looking there.
Supertart: You should. They are all veeeeeerrrrrry big.
Meg:/ okay, sure. If you say so.
Supertart: This is why Egyptian women have so many babies, I think. Because they want to have lots of sex with their boyfriends!
Meg:/ It doesn't work that way here... I'm pretty sure Its shameful to have sex - or children - outside of marriage here...
Supertart: oh, well... more for we tourists, yes?
Meg:/ maybe for you. I have a boyfriend at home, so I'm not really interested in doing a physical comparison of the schwing-schwongs of the male population of Egypt.
Supertart: schwing-schwongs?
Meg:/ p**ises.
Supertart: okayyy...
Meg:/ yeaaah...
(insert awkward silence here)
Supertart: what do you think of him? (points to our Egyptian waitor)
Meg:/ he's cute enough... not really to my taste though.
Supertart: what cute? look at the lump in his pants! I think I will sleep with him tonight.
Meg:/ Whut? He's not a freaking hooker!
Supertart: Oh, he will love it! I am very pleasurable in the bed.

And I was wondering why I've been harrassed so much so far in Egypt. They bloody well think I'm easy.


We're in Dahab. It's exactly like being in Thailand (think Koh Samui) only with no Thais, fewer Australians, and more Russians. It's also less crowded, less dirty and more expensive.

It's nice, but it's no Sihanoukville.

I might go diving the day after tomorrow.. But only if I can aford the 150 Euros it looks like it'll cost me.

The hotel cat (Puss Puss) is drowning me with affection. Ack!
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photo by: TamaraSimons