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That is what I'm feeling.

I wait FIVE YEARS for 'The Last Five Years' to be performed in Perth... FIVE YEARS of listening (and singing along) to Sherie Rene Scott belting out her side of the story, FIVE YEARS of simultaneously swooning over and wanting to smack the character of Jamie for being such a cutie/bastard.

The Last Five Years is being performed while I'm in Egypt. In early November, to be exact. I don't know how many people in WA could sing the entire score - both male and female parts - but I've got to be one of the very very few.

I'm so upset. :(

I'm also particularly upset that it is impossible to find nice bellydancing stuff here. It's very overpriced for the quality, and mostly everything is exactly the same crap we get back in Australia. I paid LE30 for a hip scarf today and that was already LE15 too much, but the salesman wouldn't bargain at all. And almost all the costumes had nipple-tassels - which remian hideously tacky no matter how much I'm sweet talked.

So, I went to visit Emin Raki this afternoon, who is an appointment only designer for bellydancers and is very well known in the Middle East. Her costumes are beautiful - so sturdy, so elegant, so shiny and with such beautiful fits and designs that I wanted to cry in the showroom out of appreciation. They flounce! they twirl! They make my boobs look amazing! :O


A costume costs approximately US$700.

Want want want want want.

The problem isn't that I don't have the money.. but more that I don't perform all that often. And performing in the same thing over and over and over again would frustrate me. So really, I'd do better buying several hideous costumes, removing the nipple-tassels and using them on rotation.


I told her that I'd come back at the end of my trip, and if I haven't found anything nicer I may as well get one of Emin's creations. I will probably regret it, but such are my shopping habits.

I befreiended several young Egyptian girls today. :) They were lovely and I'm going out with them for dinner now. Yay for new friends!
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photo by: vulindlela