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Mohommed Ali Mosque - Some super sweet and friendly Cairenne Schoolgirls! :)
Apparently, in Egypt, my nett camel price is 2000.

That is 1000 more camels than I am worth in Turkey, and 1500 more than in Morocco.

I must say, I am rather pleased by this development. Perhaps it's just inflation or something. Or maybe I am the most beautiful person in Egypt. Whatever. I don't care really. I'm just worth lots and lots of camels.

The other discovery I have made whilst in Cairo is that Cairennes believe Mac & Cheese to be the shiz. The Cairenes love cheese more than any other group of people I have ever met. The supermarket near us is half filled with different cheeses. Is crazy. Anyhow, last night we ate at this place that came highly reccommended by the concierge, and it turned out to be a resteraunt that serve 15 different types of "Gratinised Macarone" (which is fancy talk for "Mac & Cheese").

Now, I don't know about you guys, but to me this is probably the best thing I have heard//seen in a very very long time. <3 <3 <3 Mac & Cheese!! This for me forgives//excuses the pervy men.


Giza, Saqqara and Memphis today. Wonderful, but too many tour buses. To be expected I suppose. I was rather dissappointed that the Temple of the Apis Bulls was closed for renovations, as I've always been interested in that particular aspect of Egyptian religion.. The Apis Bulls.. the Vestal Twin priestesses. It deviates enough from the royal funerary tradition to keep everything just that little bit more interesting.

Have also discovered today that cousins and favourite sons of Pharaohs recieved titles such as the Official Overseer of Manicurists, Overseer of the Dwarves and The Official Keeper of the Royal Duckpond.

I jest not.

The latter I think, would be a turly noble and fulfilling profession...
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Mohommed Ali Mosque - Some super s…
Mohommed Ali Mosque - Some super …
photo by: vulindlela