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I was devastated to discover that bellydancers are considered as whores with fancy names in Egypt. I guess this explains the salacious looks I recieve whilst looking for dance props/costumes.

I bought two sets of hand made Nubian zils today though, for LE15 each.

Have been feeling awful for the past few days. caught flu from mum and as a result have collapsed several times this afternoon. blah.

Therefore, in consideration of my ill health the past few days in point form:

- from Cairo, to Luxor. Stayed on the West Bank across the road from the Valley of the Queens and Medinet Habu. 4 days in Luxor, saw Karnak and Luxor Temples, Tombs of Nobles, Ramsseum, Deir el-Medina, Valley of the Kings, Medinet Habu.

-Cruise from Luxor to Aswan from Monday til today.

-stopped at Edfu and Kom Ombo.

-In Aswan, have seen unfinished obelisk, aswan high dam and the temple at Philae.

-overall, have been disgusted with the vandalism within the tombs and temples - bloody christians! What right have they to deface carvings and paintings just because theirs is supposedly the only God? it's as heinous a crime to me as the systematic destruction of Pagan, or the upheaval of the Bamayan Buddha in Afghanistan. *outrage* (Note: I actually have no issue with Christians, having been raised as a Christian myself. My archaeologist self just hates it when old things get destroyed and I lash out).

-Also, I hate, loathe and destest how I'm treated by men here. hate hate hate hate hate. It's ruining the holiday for me. they swarm, they harass, they touch places that shouldn't be touched.  Western women may as well be carried around on a bed with their legs spread for all these men care. it's awful. I made a huge mistake coming here so young, and should have waited another 30 years until I'm old and fat and ugly. In some places I haven't been able to face leaving the hotel/ship and I've lost count of the number of times I've returned early in a panic. In Kom Ombo, Kathy (an elderly Californian lady who was travelling on the cruise ship with us) and her Egyptian guide had to physically beat the men off with her walking stick and his scathing use of Arabic when they accompanied me outside. ARGH!

sorry if I'm making no sense at all, and for my inelegant use of language today. I'm really not feeling well enough to string words together coherently.

Tomorrow, Abu Simbel. In a convoy. hoorah.

If I get blown up, it's the fault of the Egyptian Government for insisting on these ridiculous convoys. Oh yes, lets for safetys sake take all the tourists together at the same set times every single day! We'll even pop a police car at either end of the convoy! That way anyone who wants to bomb them will SO TOTALLY NOT BE ABLE TO. SMRT!
So sick. -___-
almond72 says:
Getting blown up may be preferable to being kidnapped while on your own. They don't always just keep you in pristine condition while in captivity, you know. :P
Posted on: Nov 21, 2009
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