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Obviously, this is where I am currently located.

Flew, then drove from Aswan to Alexandria (via Cairo) yesterday, but not before walking past a wonderful little place near our hotel the night before we left. It was labelled only as "RASTARAUNT" which would have been wonderful in itself. What made me hysterical was that upon peering in, I discovered that it was full of backpackers and Bob Marley's 'Buffalo Soldier' was playing. I'm unsure as to whether Bob Marley was a deliberate addition or not, but I had to marvel at it nonetheless.

Meg <3 Rastas. lol.

Alexandria is probably the most visually appealing of the Egyptian cities so far visited... We visited the Library (Bibliotheque Alexandria) today and organised our trip to Siwa Oasis. The Library was wonderful! It's got an antiquities museum on the Basement level which is packed full of Ptolemaic aged goodies. The Islamic stuff I don't find as interesting for the most part so that stuff I may or may not have considerably quickened my pace in that gallery... :S

Alexandrians are markedly different from Egyptians in the south. They are visually more Romanesque, fairer skinned, with higher cheekbones and more angular faces than they Egyptians of Upper Egypt whose faces are darker and softer looking. They are also nowhere near as friendly, which has its pros and cons. The Benefit is that I haven't been hassled at all here. They still stare, but nobody called out or harrasses me here. Feel much, much safer. On the flip side, dealing with Alexandrians in general is much harder as they are quicker tempered and are nowhere near as willing to help out if, for example, we need a directional wave towards a landmark or building.

Few souks, so no constant "COME INTO MY SHOP!", but many many more aggressive professional beggars who apparently don't understand "LA BAKSHEESH!" ("No baksheesh//money") and follow you down the road for hundreds of meters and attempt to sneak hands into bags, which I haven't encountered anywhere else in Egypt.

But on the whole, I'm liking Alexandria. We're a little way out of town in a suburb called Montaza, but we're across the Corniche from the Beach and the Summer Palace Gardens, so it's cool and the air is fresh and salty.

Tomorrow, the catacombs and Pompey's Pillar (Pompey's my foot!). Hoping to book a scuba dive in the bay to see the submerged archaeological sites, but I might be unlucky with that.. :S The day after we're travelling to Siwa for two days. I don't anticipate having internet access there, so my next update will probably be when we return to Alexandria on the 16th.

Adieu, my loves! :D
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photo by: Nzelvis