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This day was my fourth anniversary of flying free, I mean the fourth anniversary of working at my job. Most people get raises on the anniversary of their hire date, but when your company gets bought out and 90% of the employees have been furloughed in the past two years, you get nothing. So I had to celebrate in style on my own, with my daughter and my best friend. I began the day trying my hardest to delay Pete from leaving his house as long as I could. I was exhausted seeing how I hardly slept the day before I proceeded to stay awake and walk for 12 hours in the heat and rain. But when you only see your best friend three times a year, it doesn't seem right to lessen the amount of time you can hang out with him when you've got the chance. This was the first time I had ever visited him in Florida. I got to meet his parents which was about time considering that we have known each other for at least 75 years now. Peter lives in Eustis, a city in Florida that has a lake and a grocery store and I'm not sure what else. We spent a third of the day playing video games, then we went to eat at Mount Dora Pizza. After dinner, we went to 'downtown' Mount Dora. Mount Dora is a quaint little town that has a bar and a store that sells gourmet dog treats, among other things. It was a nice area. They have a big art festival there in February that I'd like to attend some time. I know they also light up the entire area at Christmas time. We walked across all of downtown, and the entire time Trinity and I kept making jokes about the "mountain" we were climbing. It was pretty entertaining. Trinity was like "I'm having trouble breathing! We're so high up." It was hilarious. Peter and I have built our entire friendship on sarcasm, but he is always caught off guard when Trinity comes at him the same way I do with her own sarcasm. It's funny, Trinity can be shy - or not really shy but not really herself - around my friends, but she lays right into Pete and it makes me proud. :D We got some ice cream and went over to a park/lake area. Trinity and I were pretty freaking fascinated about the presence of alligators. I mean, come on, ALLIGATORS! This is not something we see every day, obviously. Wildlife of any kind is always amusing to folks who come from places said wildlife is not native to. This was slightly more exciting than seeing mules in Red Rock Canyon, though. Unfortunately, SOMEONE was making fun of me for carrying my backpack all over the place and I left it behind at the house, along with my camera. I missed out on taking pics of some beautiful scenery, and more importantly, a sign telling people not to molest alligators. I do have a few pics I intend to upload off my phone when I get the chance.

And then it was back to Milwaukee for us! We got to the airport and changed into our business casual non-rev attire, then wandered around a couple shops and ultimately settled on playing Animal Crossing while waiting for the flight. The entire flight back Trinity was on her DS chatting with about seven or eight other kids on the flight, which I thought was really cool. All of them had of course gone to Disney. They had planned to meet at the desk after getting off the plane but no one showed up. Still, I'm sure it made the 2 1/2 hour flight go by quickly for her. I spent it reading In A Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson. Little did we know at the time this would be the last time we would ever fly on a true Midwest Airlines flight. Shortly after we got back Republic gave notices to Midwest flight crews and announced they would be getting rid of the aircrafts. But it was a good ending to the chapter of our lives that was Midwest Airlines.

sylviandavid says:
I enjoyed reading this fun and lighthearted blog...
Posted on: Mar 23, 2010
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