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Disclaimer: I usually tend to stay away from commercial places when traveling. I don't like to stand out as a tourist for a few reasons. Mostly I prefer doing things that not many people have done, but also because I work in an airport and am very familiar with all types of travelers, and, I'm sure that nearly everyone who works in the airline or hospitality industry will agree with me, infrequent tourist types are my least favorite group amongst them. My paranoid side also feels that behaving like a tourist makes you a target for muggings. On top of that, I know there are some people who will say they hate Disney. I know exactly why they say this. I dislike the type of people who go to Disney. I am annoyed by the people who take their babies there, as though they will even remember it in ten minutes, much less ten years.
If there was an award for most annoying traveler type, my vote would be for the people who take one vacation every five years, and of course it's to Disney, and they have those stupid Disney bag tags on their luggage that they freak out if you touch, and also they don't know how to check in on a kiosk. Orlando is my least favorite flight to work, because of all the needy Disney people who cannot do anything for themselves. It's because of them that anyone could hate Disney, or Disney World.

I happen to be very skilled at focusing on my surroundings and eliminating other people's energy. And Disney itself, if you are able to ignore the kind of people who go to Disney, truly is a magical place. I was so overwhelmed with emotion and pure love of this place that I think they could possibly be brainwashing people or sending subliminal messages.
  I never thought it was possible to get goosebumps when it was 90˚, until I took my first steps into the Magic Kingdom onto Main Street USA. It was not technically my first time there, I went a couple days after I turned four, but I have only two very vague memories of the Haunted Mansion and of the race cars in Magic Kingdom. I was in love the second I arrived, and the more I saw the more I loved it. It alternated between being hot and pouring rain, rides had to be closed because it was lightening, and I didn't even care. If you had told me a year ago that ultimately the blog I wrote about Disney World would include a sentence about how many times I got teary eyed while I was there, I would have thought you were completely insane. But I got teary eyed alright, so many times I lost track.
It was a combination of being there, being there with Trinity, and having what would probably be our last adventure of what was the most amazing summer ever.

We made our way through the park, going on every ride we could, getting Fast Passes to go on them again, seeing every show, and arguing about how I was NOT going on Splash Mountain - I am afraid of roller coasters, or at least the kinds with straight drops. I will go on most of them, provided I don't know what I'm getting myself into. I would go on Space Mountain, for example, because I can't see it from the line and therefore have nothing to freak myself out about. Space Mountain, as it turned out, was closed for refurbishment. It's hard to say which was my favorite ride. I liked Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a lot.
It was the only ride besides It's A Small World that we went on more than once. As for Small World, it's pretty creepy, but I think that's what we liked about it, haha. Trinity's favorite ride was Peter Pan's flight. As we were waiting in line for Haunted Mansion, it was thundering, and we could not figure out if it was really thundering, or it there were some kind of sound effects coming from somewhere around us. We both liked Pirates of the Caribbean, maybe because there was no line for it at all, we literally walked ride onto the ride. I don't understand why that was, I've always thought that was one of the more popular rides there, but the short line was good for us at least! I loved all the shows, but my favorite was Mickey's Philharmagic. And of course, Hall of President is the creepiest thing ever - I love it! Even if the guy making an introduction before letting us in to the theater did refer to Barack Obama as the 43rd President.
He's the 44th, if you weren't paying attention, which that Castmember obviously wasn't.  

We ended the night trying to rush around and relocate the store where we had seen Club Penguin toys earlier in the day. I swore it was in Frontierland, but either the store vanished, the Club Penguin toys vanished, or I was wrong. I finally asked a Castmember in a Christmas store if she knew where they were, and she told me where to find them on Main Street USA. We went there and got the Club Penguin souvenirs, and some souvenirs for our family back home. We took so long that we ended up not exactly missing the parade, but not getting a good spot for it either. Afterwards we found a spot in front of Cinderella's castle and watched the fireworks. I was completely enamored by the fireworks display.
I cannot begin to comprehend how they do it. I mean, at one point, Tinkerbell actually flies across the sky. How....? It is truly an amazing site.

In the end, we basically raced through the Magic Kingdom trying to do as much as possible in our one short day we had in Orlando. We were new to the whole Disney thing, and now, we know a few things about what to do and what not to do. So next time, we'll know exactly where and when to stand for the fireworks and the parade, what rides to get Fast Passes for, and when to arrive and what rides to go to first, and what hotels to stay at i.e. on Disney property, which have complimentary shuttle services from MCO and all the parks. We are by no means experts, of course, but having the knowledge we now have means that next time we will be able to take our time, since I the most important piece of knowledge I picked up is that I will definitely be going back to Disney World!

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