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Every Thursday this summer we went somewhere for the day, and Thursday, August 20 was the same as any other. As I said in the intro, we were planning to go to Louisville for the day and check out the world's biggest baseball bat (at the Louisville Slugger Museum, of course). In order to do that, we needed to leave the house at exactly 6:00. I woke up at 5:45. Trinity was actually awake, but she didn't want to wake me up because she thought I had checked the flight and saw it was delayed or cancelled (it had been storming all night). When she realized that it was just me being lazy, she was highly disappointed. Forgive me! It was raining and dark outside, it was so easy to sleep in! Instead of going back to sleep, we got on the internet and created Our Greatest Spontaneous Adventure Ever (so far).

Turns out the only flight that was open was Orlando, of all the places. I knew the day before it was open, because when I realized it I called Peter (my best friend, who lives near Orlando) and asked him what he was doing over the weekend. He had to work of course, and the notice I was offering was far too late to change that. I didn't really put too much thought into the idea of Orlando after that. I had no interest in hanging out in Florida without Peter, and I always thought that Disney or Universal would be a much larger trip. I've always sort of hoped we would go to Disney World with my parents and my sister's family. Basically, it was the last place I expected to end up this summer. Yet there we were, perusing web sites on Thursday morning even before the sun came up, and suddenly, it really didn't seem that far-fetched.
Disney can be an expensive trip. But when the flight is free and I actually could have used all my remaining hotel points, it suddenly became so reasonable that I'd be an idiot not to do it. I ended up paying $60 for the hotel by using half of my points to pay for half the room. There was a major plus involved: my mom gave Trinity money for souvenirs. Even though that was part of our original agreement ("we can go to Disney World, but we can't buy anything"), once I got there I'd have broken my own promise anyway.

I did the laundry and we packed some sandwiches and snacks. Trinity called her cousin to tell him about our plans. First, you have to understand that when I say this, I am not hating on my nephew. I love him, of course, but he can be (and usually always is) very cruel to Trinity. His control drama is trashing others to make himself look better. The day before, they had both been at my parents' house and were building a giant "spider web" using straws. Trinity called and said "Guess where I'm going!? It's the best thing you could ever imagine," he said "To the store to get more straws!" in a very excited voice. She said "No, better." He replied in his usual rather harsh tone, "I don't know then. Everything else is stupid if you're not going to do that." So when she said "I'm going to DISNEY WORLD" that shut him up really quick. :D

If you've read my other blogs, you know I hate making assumptions when traveling. I was really hesitant to book that hotel using points because there was no way to get them back if for some reason I couldn't go. While my non-rev sixth sense has been pretty accurate most of the time, my paranoia (and/or realism) stops me from putting too much trust in it. We got to the airport right on time and everything was perfect. My co-workers were all telling me what rides to go on at what park. I had just stepped behind the podium to text Pete when the captain came up and said not to board. Our aircraft had maintenance. D'oh! I swear I went through the five stages of grief in the span of 30 seconds: 1. Oh, it's probably just something simple like a light bulb. 2. I should have fucking gone to Louisville! 3. How many people are on this flight, compared to the other 717s that are leaving right now. They won't cancel it. Will they? Please non-rev gods, don't let them cancel it. I'll never complain about working an MX delay again! 4. I am the worst parent on earth for telling my kid I would take her Disney and now I've ruined her entire summer. 5. Alright, all I've really lost is $200 and all my hotel points, what can I do?

Well, sure enough, it was not a quick fix, but they swapped it out with the DCA flight and we left about 45 minutes late. I spent almost the entire flight chatting with one of the flight attendants about funny travel stories and company rumors. I only knew him in passing before, but it turned out that he went to Disney World at least twice a year so he had lots of useful information. I was 100% clueless about Disney when I woke up that morning. An online crash course did not really help me much except to know how much it would cost. His advice really helped me, and it was because of him that we decided we would be going to Magic Kingdom on your whirlwind first-time one-day visit to Disney World!

When we arrived in MCO, the first thing we noticed was that it was hot. I don't even know how hot it was actually. I'm from Wisconsin, where it is 2˚F as I am typing this. By all measures, even to those of us who live where winter lasts nine months, 2˚is really really cold. But when it is 90˚, the top story on the news is the "extreme heat." Although Peter had offered to come and pick us up and drive us to the hotel because airport ground transportation is ridiculously expensive in Orlando, I said no because it was already almost 9pm, he lives over an hour from the airport and he had to get up at 4 am for work. So we took a Mears "bus" which was actually a van that was completely packed with passengers. I paid over $50 for that! That was the downfall of this last minute trip. Next time I go to Disney (plans currently in the works!), I will be staying at a Disney resort and using their complimentary shuttle services.

We got to the hotel and it was great. Our room overlooked the pool and we had a refridgerator to keep all the food we packed to spend our dollars wisely. We went to the pool and it was heated and fantastic. There were only a few others there in other parts of the water. And there we were swimming and hearing the Magic Kingdom fireworks in the distance, when it really hit me. Wow! Here I am, swimming with my favorite person in the world in a heated pool in Florida, surrounded by palm trees, and when I woke up that morning I thought that if the giant baseball bat thing fell through that we might go to the Kentucky State Fair instead. My life is AWESOME. The entire day was completely invigorating. This was really beating the baseball bat.

Although, I still really want to see that baseball bat.

laestrella says:
I love spontaneous trips, glad you both had a great time!
Posted on: Jan 10, 2010
daniel_jetsetter says:
Very Spontaneous ..that Awesome!
Posted on: Dec 15, 2009
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