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I started at my usual time 9 am....  So I got up got ready and had some toast and made to Trinity college to view the book of Kells.  The cost was 10 Euro for the tour.  It was actually pretty nice inside the college, got some history and found out that two the biggest trees where shipped from Oregon in like 1800's!  EXCELLENT (thats a signed that I am supposed to be here.)  After that the professor seemed to have interesting talk and repore with his students, he kind of reminds of the Professor who has wiskey in his jacket and bloody brilliant.  After we were done the ground tour I went inside to view the Book of Kells, which is Celtic, they are from the 800's which are latin copies of Matthew Mark, Luke and John Gospels.  They had such detail on the books it was insane, who had that much time!  lol.  Anyway its a prized position here.  When we were done, I went upstairs to view two documents, the Irish Proclamation and then the oldest Harp in Ireland.  One thing struck me, in the proclamation is it stated, "she now seizes that moment, and, supported by her exiled children in America and by gallant allies in Europe."  It mentions America, it mentions that her children are here in America!  Thats awesome.  I felt a true connection with my Irish Brothers and sisters.  The other part of that, is that I heard that in Belfast, there still exsists a wall that seperates the Catholics and Prodestants.  For a long time Catholics were killed and told they shouldn't be practiciing there religion.  Irish-Catholic.  We have all heard the term.  It makes a statement that the Irish fought for their freedom of religion and were not to be surpressed by the prodestants or any other form of religion.  Anyway, after I was done at Trinity College, I got back on the bus and headed to Dublin Castle.  While most of the castle was burnt down (made of stone but yet burnt down, I don't ask these silly questions.)  Excellent tour of the most beautiful decorated rooms.  There is such detail in this place.  Granted all of Dublin has these old buildings up.  Trinity College has buildings from the 1700's so anyway.  Went through the rooms and viewed old style furniture etc...  Went down into the excavated site of the original castle.  Pretty cool down there.  I liked that part the best, since it was like a real castle!  haha...  After that, I ate lunch there who offered 6.95 euro for soup and sandwich.  NOT BAD.  On their sandwichs the condement is either Mayo or BUTTER.  What no mustard!?  Butter will do, lol....  I left and got back on the Bus, got off at the Guiness Storehouse again, but this time my intent was to go to the 2 churches.  One was the Church of Saint John the bapist in which I will probably go to Mass tomorrow at 6 and the other was St. Audoen's which is the oldest church in Dublin.  Also very beautiful.  I did stop at Saint Patrics which angelican now and has not been Catholic for quite a while.  I thought it was ok but it was missing that WHOLE catholic part.  I have never been to catholic church that you have to pay to get into.  The oldest church St. Audoen, said that its not a musuem but a place of worship, which is true.  I discreetly took my pictures, and lite a couple of candles and gave a little to my church.  THANK YOU GOD!  After that, I stopped off to get something for this headache and the girl there did not get my sense of humor and many don't.  I guess its an American Thing.  HA HA!  I went back to the Bus stop and went to my last tour of the day which is the Jameson old distillery.  That place was cool, got another discount for having the Rambler Pass 1 Euro.  The bus driver said if they ask for volunteers do it!  So i did, I found out at the end of my tour I would be wiskey taster.  COOL WITH ME!  LIZ I was thinking about you the whole time!  Viewed the whole process...  Then I went to this Bar area which was awesome had old Jameson signs etc...  Group of 8 of us drank 3 different wiskeys, one was Jack Daniels distilled 1 time, Scotch distilled 2 times smokey flavor and finally Jameson distilled 3 times.  I agreed with the leaders recommendation, out of the three Jameson was the best and the smoothest.  I LOVED IT.  I got clearly buzzed after the 3 plus "complementry" drink after the tour.  Finished all 4 and had 4 glasses of water.  I left.  Got back on my bus and I have decided that a break is going to be good for tonight.  Consentrate on making sure everything is charged and clean up my bag possibly wash some clothes.  Call it a night.  Kind of boring I know but I still have tomorrow night and lets not forget I have been partying for the last 2 nights!  Sunday is my flight to Paris!  EXCELLENT!  Excited about Paris. 

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photo by: fransglobal