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Got up at 5 am and went to the train station.  I asked to make sure I was on the right train and took a nap on my train to Caen!  Got off at Caen and went to the main area of the train station.  There I meet my guide Rosin, she said that I was the only one for the first half of the day!  She talked about the history of Caen as we drove to the musuem, (mercedez minivan).  Caen was flatten during the war so thats why there is not older buildings.  WE arrived at the musuem and it had not opened yet, but no matter since I was with the guide and there we dropped off my bag and coat.  She gave me my tickets for the day and gave me a VIP tour of the WWII part of the museum.  Once we were done she said you have until 1115 to get through the WWII part of the musuem and then go through the cold war part.  At 1115 I went into the main gallery and she was there promptly waiting for me, she guided me to the film.  The movie was excellent, no words just video and music.  The screen was split on two videos, half with the SS and half with the allied.  Then the battle started and the screens merged, and showed present and old beaches of normandy battle.  Once we were done, Rosin, said that lunch was ready for us.  I sat down and had a 3 course meal, salad and bread to start, and fish and rice with cream sauce.  I mimiced her actions what she did so I didn't look like a fish out of water and an apple taurt for dinner.  There after a family of 4 and family of 2 would join us for our tour of normandy.  By the time we were done we would traveled 150 KM which is like 100 miles.  Amazing. 

If I were alive back when WWII was going on, I would have probably had to go to war.  Man seeing the D-Day sites was an amazing experience.  I can't tell you, how amazing it is.  The most impressive part was the cratures that still exsisted from the bombs that had hit Normandy.  I stood inside one.  The field was full of them!  She said that 30 percent of them had been filled in, but it look like nothing had!  We bombed it like no other! 

I talked with the other families.  We went to the memorial and that was another one that I couldn't say much but thank you!  Their sacrifice of there life was never in vein but in defeat of the Nazi!  It was very eye opening and to the point that I felt really sad. 

After we were done, we headed back into town.  There was a sign on the way back.  31 farms lay here.  She explained that farmers were upseat cause the prices still are from the 70's.  So like Dairy farmers were killing themselves because they did not know what to do with there land. She said it has been tough for them, at one point they went on strike and no Dairy products for like a week.  She told me an interesting fact as well, that the french can not work more then one job.  And that if you do its considered black market money.  She also said you pay a tax on the amount of TVs. So one TV in your home is 350 Euro a year.  Multiply that by how much in america and you still pay for TV service by the way! 

She dropped me off at the train station and I headed back to the hostel, Amsterdam tomorrow. 

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photo by: leticiatra