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Well I got up, had my breakfast with tea and got ready for my train.  I got my ticket to Rome.  Then waited.  My train platform popped up and I got on my train and seat.  This was really nice!  I loved the train, it had everything!  Service, power outlets, power reclining chairs, it was superb.  I read and finished my book and just watched the scenorie.  It was beautiful.  The hills were amazing, it was just everything that I imagined plus twenty!  So I decided this was going to be great...  Then I thought ROME!

So I arrived around 330 in the afternoon.  I walked towards my hostel.  I located my hostel.  This place was already cool, the reception was a little wierd.  It was a laundry mat and internet cafe and hostel.  Wierd huh?  They have two apartments that they have converted to hostels.  These guys were awesome, they gave me some travel tips and things that I should do.  Gave me the 411 on the city, the bus lines, metro, etc...  It was great!  I got up to my hostel and left my stuff on my bed room.  They even gave me a bottle of vino.  Now the only downfall to this hostel is that there was not a common room.  So its hard to meet other people except those in your room.  After that I headed out and about.  I stopped at Rublica which an amazing site and the basillica infront of it.  Then I felt like I had to go to St. Peters square!  There was no way that I wouldnt make it out that way!  So I got on the bus and headed there! 

I got off at the stop and saw the square at a distance!  let me tell you, it is very impressive and just beautiful.  I felt like kissing the ground.  It was such an amazing site.  Even at night it was amazing.  I looked at it and new that this was the place to be at this moment.  I walked around took a few pictures and headed back home.  I got back on a bus and headed back to the hostel.  Checked my mail and then there were two hostellers that were checking internet too.  Florencia and Avner.  We went to dinner and found this nice place.  It was good, not great but good.  Florencia is from Argentina and Avner is from Arizona.  We talked and ate, shared stories about our journey compared our dislikes and likes of the places that we visited.  We all agreed we liked room.  Florencia is walker, she loves walking everywhere which she has done.  After we were done with dinner it was about 1100, Avner was leaving in the morning.  Florenica was tired and went to bed.  Avner asked if I wanted to go out and I was cool with that.  We went on the night bus to this stop he went last night. 

It was sqaure that pretty much had the night life.  It had tons of foriegners.  But we bought a couple of beers at two different joints... The area and crowd was good, I am sure if we both ready for  life of partying till we drop it would have been better.  But it was just us to and we talked alot about our lives at home.  He had real issue with his brother, his sister past away at like 21 in a car accident, he was ok telling the story but said he needed to reconcil with his brother.  We talked a bit more and the clubs had closed.  Then I had the best sandwich of my life!  It was just pork and bread!  It was so tasty!!  I was unable to find the place again, I could looked harder but everytime I craved it was dinner time and I did not feel like searching for it!

After that we headed home, and the Night Bus was going all these other places from before but ended at the Tremi train station!  We gave the man shake/hug and went to bed!
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photo by: vulindlela