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Well I woke up super early cause I needed to go to the Scavi tour today...  The Scavi tour is the tour of the Cattacomes of St. Peters Basillica.  St. Peter is barried there...  Pretty cool huh...  Well anyway I follow the directions that are outlined by the Vatican.  You must dress appropriately and you must be at least ten minutes early or else you will be denied entry....  Crazy right!  So I find out where I am supposed to go and see the swiss guard.  They are dressed in their uniforms and I show them the paper, they accept it and I walk in side the Vatican.  Only 250 people a day in the most can tour it.  The reason is to preserve the cattacomes.  So i was pretty lucky to do it.  No pictures of course...  I show up and give my paper and receive my ticket.  There is a group that I am touring with, I wish I was able to talk with them more but unfortunatly there is no interupting the tour guide according to the ticket.  I tried to make small talk but impossible with everyone.  Learning the history of the church is amazing...  Going threw the oldest tombs that date back to the early Christians of the 1st Century.  WOW!  They had the very same symbol that the catholic church uses today.  I think that makes so much sense and proof of such an awesome church and how we really do follow the same faith that Jesus intended.  We went through a few more tombs and how they decorated the tombs...  They were discovered in 1939 I believe and had to be dug out by like two people...  Over the period of time some of the stuff got worse due not having the technology to preserve.  Like there is door that closes 45 seconds once opened because of the need to keep the room in a certain condition.  So cool...  After that we were shown the remains of Saint Peter.  Well thing about it is that Saint Peter was crucified backwards because he felt he was not worthy to die as Jesus did.  To preserve the body the early Christians chopped off his feet and took the body to be barried.  The did not mark the grave because of more then likely be descrated or something like that.  What they did though was that they wrote on a piece of the tomb, Peter lays here... wicked...  After that we headed back up to the top...  Here we were like 1 floor down under the Basillica.  I was able to see Pope John Paul the II burial tomb and that was very sad even 4 years later.  I said prayer and left the bassilica since I knew I spend the next day doing it! 

I left the bassilica and headed back to town.  I did not write much about it but my camera has been giving out!  And well it finally gave out.  So I went back to my hostel peeps to see if they had any ideas of where I could go to buy one.  They had an older camera that they would see if still worked so they put on the charger for me.  I went back up stairs and waited, well of course I took a small 40 minute nap.  I went back down stairs and no worky.  So they sent me to an electronics store.  I found it only 5 stops away from the hostel.  I found the cheap but not with out features camera.  Then got a receipt that I took to the front to pay.  she starts telling me what I mean, and I am like I have no clue.  She starts speaking crazy and again I have no clue.  Luckily this lady helped me with the purchase.  Well go to find out I got a 25 euro credit towards the store.  So I bought an adaptor and batteries.  Again, stuggled a little just to get that.  Man...  Not knowing a language can be very difficult.  After I grabbed my camera and went to the hostel, charged it and learned how to use it. 

At 6 pm I meet up with Floriencia and also brought along another hosteler drew.  I really did not understand him and to me he was kind of boring, more then I expected I guess.  But Floriencia kept it alive...  We went to dinner at the Pantheon which was by far the best food I have had.  The pasta Figolli was perfect.  The Lasuagna and Chicken also perfect...  The chef came out, I thanked him and then took a picture with him!  So funny...  Live music came from the street and it really was perfect.  We walked around for a bit there after, to the Trevi fountain and walked all the way back home.  More walking that I would have liked but either way it got me home tired and ready for bed.

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photo by: vulindlela