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My plan today was to tour the Colosseum.  As I did!  I got up and got ready and headed out.  I read that there was a guided tour at 11.  I actually saw the two malaysian women on my way there and we chatted for a bit and parted ways.  I of course making a crazy entrance, I was so focused on the Colosseum that I did not see the steps and tripped!  I yelled I'm alright and of course every vender or whatever comes to me and asks speak english!  After I found the tour company that I had been dealing with and took the tour.  The colosseum is amazing.  I loved everything about it.  It is just so spectacular.  I absolutely loved it!  I mean its so cool to be in there!  Plenty of facts but to be honest I was so focused on the beauty.  I walked everywhere, took plenty of pictures and plenty of video of how amazing it is.  It is everything times 10!! 

After that I wanted to see the ruins which I was kind of already done with some the archological stuff and headed towards Circus Maximos.  Which was ok, but in the end it was just a track.  I wasnt very impressed by it...  I then headed towards the church comdiean.  It was beautiful but the main reason is that there is this guy with an open mouth and if you stick your hand in it and tell a ly it will bite it off.  Crazy huh...  It was cool...  After that I walked for a bit and headed back to town.  I had some lunch and had some hot tea which has been one of my favorite pass times.  I then went back to the hostel and got freshened up because I thought mass was at 1830 at the Spana church.  I was wrong it wasnt church but a prayer service.  Either way, it was cool!  I know this is really wierd but I nearly cried on how beautiful it was... There were three sisters and three priests singing and it was so well sung that you would think that they had accompanyment.  But they didnt.  It was one the most spiritual experiences I have had in Rome.  I left with little agenda since it started to rain harder.  So i decided it was a good idea to watch a movie.  I watched Twilight...  Yes I know lameo, but I had to have some English!  Plus what else was I to do go to bed!  No thanks!  So I ate a nice little dinner, wrote some post cards and watched the movie.  I not here to give you a review of course so we will skip that.  I bumped into Florencia again and we made plans for Monday evening to hang out.  It was cool... 

I have gotten the staring eye from a couple of girls and I really wish I could approach them!  I am ready for it but I don't know where to start in a different language.
Eric says:
Enjoy your time in Rome! Lived there for a few months as a student and had a good time there. If you get a chance and like art/parks make sure to check out Villa Borghese.
Posted on: Dec 16, 2009
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