Praha Day 2 - I'm American and I am here to kick ass! (Recovery day)

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I woke up the earliest out of the bunch around 1130 and took a shower.  They looked at me and said, what and the hell do you have to do to wake up so early!  I was like, I just do!  The both were like dead tired and with some crazy hang overs.  Extreme (James) Said that he would rather put a couple bullets in because his head ache sucks!  James is the type of guy which I dubbed him extreme, that always says something he rather do to the extreme.  I am so tired, I could sleep for week.  (Thats my own, his comparisons are far more funnier!)  Anyway, we reminisce for the previous night adventure.  We all laughed but they kind of kept it to a minimal because their heads were pounding!!   They had not had the worst hang over that they currently were experiencing.  That was funny for me.  We laughed some more.  This point I learned something here, can't beat them join them.  The hostel guy gave me the best point of view living in hostels.  Imagine you are in Amersterdam and the people are being crazy in your room, simply reply, "Either pass me the joint or keep quite!"  I kind of made that happen through out my trip.  We finally got up and headed out.  First stop for the guys KFC!  Richard had a 2 person meal since he was starving.  We talked a bunch about movies and talked about people, talked about friends, we found a common interest in Harry Potter.  We talked about that for a while, Lord of the Rings etc...  We walked from one side of Prague to the other.  MInd you by 4 pm, the sun goes down.  We walked through the center of Praha, through the St. Charles Bridge, then headed to the Castle.  We walked all the way to the castle and took a break. 

We were all amazed by the cathedral on how big it was and how long it took.  It took like 500 years or some crazy number for it to build!  Imagine that.  We were all in our twenties, we are nothing compared to that number.  We left and started to walk back to the hostel.  Took a few photos and we remembered that today was St. Nicholas day for the Czechs!  They don't have Santa they have baby Jesus who delivers presents!  Anyway, we decided just to keep walking back to our hostel.  We talked all the way and got back to the hostel.  We facebooked, watched part of a movie and then decided it was time for dinner.  So we went to this Chinese resturant and had one of those shared meals and split the costs.  They had gone to Bejing and told me about there food experience and there overall experience.  Went back to the hostel and chilled out.  Watched a few ChapalShow Episodes and after that I was tired so went back up the room.  The silent Assasin was going to a pub craw tonight which started at 12 midnight.  Good times.  This is funny enough that I have to write about it.  They perfected the art of butt hole clinching that they made this puttering sound with their farts.  I was very impressed since I believed that could not be manulated.  They prided themselves on it.  We again about movies, quoated everything from Blazing Sattles to Space balls!  Great times!  It was about 230 or so that we decided it was good time to go to bed.

Like I said this experience is what I appreciate, I had no intention of meeting these two guys and we immediately connected and just hung out and traveled together.  With out them I am sure I would have had a good time but I doubt that it wouldn't be as memorable.  Maybe a trip to Australia next.  I found that Australians, love to have a good laugh and the whole political correctness doesn't really matter.  Thats what I appreciate about these guys, they are funny as hell and just know how to have good time. 

Few things, Tobs actually was supposed to go to Berlin at 10 or so in the morning.  But that did not happen, and he had thrown up in his bed.  And was just sleeping on the bed itself.  It did not really bother him because he was on extended vaca like 6 months and he need the sleep 6 pm or so he had finally gotten up. 

There were other americans there who we talked to for a bit, we found out they had been there for 4 days and had not gone even to town.  They party all night,  sleep all day and watch a movie and repeat.  So I guess for me, its like why bother?  I mean aren't you there don't want to see all that greatness outside.  These guys have like 3 months or some crazy number so I understand not being in a rush but still! 
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photo by: vulindlela