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I woke up a little early to arrive and got off at my stop in Praha.  I immediatly got into my systematic mode of cash, transport, and find the hostel.  I find the hostel after many hills and come inside.  The guy was barely getting set up and helped me into the door.  I paid for my two nights and left my bag in the luggage room since my bed was not ready yet.  it was 730.  I went to go get breakfast food, eggs, water, bacon and bread.  After talking to the reception guy, we made breakfast and we shared our food and had a good feast.  He is from Canada, about to go back there in the next couple of months but still not ready to settle down just yet.  He may open a hostel since he worked in one and knows that it would be great to own one.  AFter that there is a free tour at 1030 so I immediately got on the road, and found the road.  The girl was a college student, beautiful, and just had some great features about here.  It was cold and very interesting to understand the Czech history.   I went to the jewish cemetary there after.  Man that place was insane. There were head stones on top of head stones, I guess the Jewish view it as unclean and therefore they don't do anything with the head stones.  Crazy!  After that I thought it would be a good idea to retire back to the hostel.  I caught my tram back and got my bed finally in the hostel.  I got my bag and took up to the 3rd floor.  My roommates seem to be out and about.  I decided a nap would be in need since I know that we are going to do a pub crawl tonight.  I showered and napped.  I woke up about 8 pm. and my roommates were also taking a nap, I slowly came down and they were both in bed on their phones, this is when the fun stuff began.

James and Richard were on their bunk bed texting, I gave my usual hello and thats when I kind of recognized them and they actually recognized me as well but I dont remember from where.  Then we started talking and we had taken the 3rd Riech tour in Berlin.  We talked about our travels so far, and talked about our future plans etc.  They had been traveling for a while I wanna say they have 3 weeks in and two more that will be in the US, New York and Vegas.  They later told me that the reason they recognized me was because of my laugh, my reply is that I do like to do that!  Anyway, with no plans at hand they had gone to this pub the previous night for food and wanted go to it again today.  I immediately tagged a long and had dinner.  This the cool part of traveling, with no plans, all of sudden you have travel buddies, with same thing in common.  After we were done and kind of relating about traveling.  We headed back to the hostel since they have 20 Croun beers which is actually pretty cheap!  What was cool is that we all bought rounds through the night.  So during our first round I meet a few people, Jordy, Tobs(his birthday and later funny stuff), An overly talkative American Girl, Cameron, this big guy.  The big guy was also from America and he was that big typical American tough guy.  We later dubbed him since he had such a deep voice, "I am American and Im here to Kick Ass! in country type drawl."  This became our laughing point for many parts of the night since was said so hilariousy.  They guys and myself were not happy with the amount of smoke that was down there so we decided to take it up to the dinning area since there was no smoke and just us.  People followed and we talked politics, ok hold on let me retract that.  The overly talkative American girl started talking politics and the she even talked AIDS prevention to a gay (puff) guy there.  Yeah she was really intense and it was like we could not get in a word other wise.  I looked at James on the other side of table and we were both like WTF!  She went down for more drinks, Thank God!  We had the talk you know when some one goes away and you really don't like them so kind of talk about them behind there back!  So we talked for a few and needed another around, I went down with James to get another round since it was my turn.  We broke the seal, and kept drinking, I think we had like 3 beers each. 

Midnight came and we celebrated a shot for the Tobs! It was about midnight that the bar closed and we headed OUT!  We walked down the street and got to the tram station.  Got on to the tram and headed to this bar/club.  The big tipped over in the tram and looked at me and said, "well I look like a total ass."  I laughed and said dont worry about it and he got back up.  He actually went back to the hostel as soon as we got there  because he was trashed!  We knew he was trashed because a few times he said some crazy ass things.  One was like, "Some Greeks stole my cigarets!"  They were in his jacket pockets and I think James pointed them out on the floor at one point.  He also lost his camera case...  Anyway, we get there at the club and check our coats.  We go down stair were the party is at and start having a round.  Its kind of smaller club but its ok.  We had a round of shots that was free from being at our hostel.  Immediately after we got a round of beers and started drinking.  We started off with beer, then went to B52 shots which are Baileys kaloha and vodka.  We found a table and sat at that for a while.  Then we meet these total douches!  This is the point that I disliked the most!  Americans!!!  This guys says to us, YO man!  Richard is like, dude you don't have to call me YO so you can call me Richard.  He does it again.  The guy responds, "I am American, and I can say anything I want!"  I looked at them and was like don't listen to this drunken douche!  Then we talked about how Americans can be so cocky and just say that they from and assume that people know where Texas or Boston is!  Say America first and then if they want more detail say state city etc.  Its true cause if they told me Melborne I would have an Idea but Australia got it. 

After those POS's left we had another round.  This time we were focused on these actually tasty drinks that we were all ashamed that we liked since they were women drinks.  It was a banana juice, vodka, redwine and once they came from whom evers round, we would down it and yell whos round is next!  Tobs came back from the restroom and head said that he had thrown up on the wall because he was so trashed!  We all aggreed that is hilarious.  He said that when he threw up he tried to get to the restroom but the wall was there.  Later I found out James had thrown up, upstairs because had shotgunned beer, then took deep breathe of smoke and made him nausiated.  HA ha!  He said it wasn't that much but sure.  So by this point we saw our other room mate the silent assasin.  He was Argentinan and was like the only one in our group that spoke spanish, we tried to include him as much as possible.  He had actually picked up a girl who also spoke spanish!  HILARiOUS!  In club, I couldnt find someone that spoke english more less spanish!  We decided that it was late enough which was around 330 in the morning.  We got in cab and went home with Tobs, me, richard and james.  WE got back to the hostel really trashed.  It was funny cause we laughed all the way there.  The roommates and I tried to freak out the other hostelers as they came back from being out on the party.  We talked for a bit, shared some funny stories and we went back to the room.  WE all got into bed and just talked for a while, the Silent Assasin made his way back in and we laughed so much!  This was my craziest drunken experience, I gave them props for making the fartherest and funniest drunk thus far in my trip.  Silent Assasin!  WE laughed for like 10 minutes straight! 
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photo by: vulindlela