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Got a late start but thats ok cause I need to book my hostel for one more night.  I got on a train, went to the Eiffel tower, got to the tower, got the cash I needed for the next few days and stood in line!  I knew it could be much worse but thats ok.  At the tower there are all of these venders selling all of these big small Eiffel tower trinkets.  I felt gross to even consider purchasing it, it just loses its authenticty.   Not something of interest.  I finally got to the front of the line and got on to the elevator, I locked my bag(pick pockets).  Got to the second floor took few and got inline to go to the 3rd.  Asian people were very pushy like they had to be in before you.  It was so bad that this lady infront of me Elbowed two of them because they knocked her around.  At one point I was fed up and pushed back and smiled at them.  Being at the top was more then I could imagine.  Great view and took a few photos.  I pulled a Clark Griswald and peed on top of the Eiffel tower to say that i did it.  HA HA!  Got in line to get back down to the bottom.  Once I did I went straight to the train station for Champs de mars,  I got on to the train to Versallis.  Went the same route that I taken the previous day.  bought my ticket in and an audio guide.  WEnt thorugh it and it was very impressive, very amazing, I thought I knew what rich was but man KINGS HAD IT MADE!  The best room I saw was the hall of mirrows.  The audioguide said it was used for a passage way, aka "Hallway!"  Just a hallway!  Saw some art and moved through it.  After that I went on train from there to St. Lazare, reason was for my big trip to Caen for my D-Day tour.  So I got to the train station, validated my ticket and the receptionist was kind enough to speak english.  I complimented her on her english and went home.  Oh yeah I forgot to eat again today, so I stopped at McDonalds.  But the sugar in the coke was the absolute best.  Got back to my hostel and went up to my room and got another roommate.  Her name is Ashley, she got in earlier this morning and had been on the go all day.  She is from Portland, and a bank manager of wells fargo.  We all talked until about 12 sharing stories and just talking.  sleep time!

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photo by: lasersurge