Paris Day 2 - umm... I thought it was closer.

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By morning my rooomates were a sleep or had already left.  I decided it was time to get up and go, I made a quick change of plans because of the weather to go see Versallis.  That was not a good idea...  Not only was it closed but the train to get there took forever for me to figure how to get there.  However, I did help a lady who was going to Versallis, who needed help with her bag up the stairs.  I helped her and she thanked me and french and she later translated that I was the first one all day who helped her.  I gave her puzzled look said no speako and she said I speak English.  We a good conversation as we left the train station, her daughter had lived there and she had bought some clothes from the city and bringing them to her daughter today.  Her daughter worked and her husband had lost his job.  I think the French are very traditional.  So she said that it is very hard on the daughter cause she has to raise the child and work.  The mom said she was fortunate to not have to work.  She said mainly alot of young people who have little money have to live on the outskirts of paris because it is so expensive.  (I agree!)  She took me most of the way and we went our seperate ways.  But again no problem, I took pictures of the most amazing gardens, and they were HUGE!  I took photos and just looking at the outside of the building it was amazing to see anyway.  I think this detail will never be recreated, because I am afraid this type of craft has been lost.  Nonetheless, I went back to Paris.  I got out and started walking, with no intention I found the Lourve.  I couldn't tell you how I did it but I did.  This was the first time I experienced what I read in my travel book.  A lady bent down right infront of me to pick up a ring, shiney, beautiful ring.  Her facial on rising was perfect, so good it was scary.  I returned the surprised look but kept walking.  I found that as look as keep going and have your head phones on no pedlures or vendors will bother you.  I went by the Lourve.  To be honest art usually doesn't speak to me.  I appreciate its craft and its effort but its just not me.  And since I am sure I will go there one day I skipped it for now.  I passed it and took some pictures and started to walk down Champs de Ellese towards the Arc de Triumphe.  There was vendors selling anything from scarves to chocolates.  Then I got the the part of the street where there were actual stores, like louie vaton and others...  Finally the arc!  I did not know at the time but I had walked 3 miles!  The arc was amazing as well.  I felt small in comparison.  So I take the passage way to view it in all of its glory.  By then it was night and I was hungry.  So I ate at a Parisan Cafe which the food was tasty and had a chocolate crepe for dessert.  I got back to the hostel and I had a new roommate.  He was from Australia, lived in london for 6 months and now made his way in france.  He speaks only english at the moment.  I journaled and feel asleep. 
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photo by: Sweetski