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I woke up early around 5 am.  I had received 4 roommates over night and I believe they were all French in the bathroom their soap said, "Douche" haha!  Anyway, I took a taxi which was the safest way to the airport, with out the worry of being there on time.  26 Euro.  Go into the airport in good time and then on the plane, slept on the plan and woke up on the country side of France.  Got out, got my bag and changed clothes in the worst smelling restroom thus far.  Directions from the hostels website indicated to take a train into paris.  But there is only a shuttle bus, ok no problem.  13 Euro.  Got into the bus and greatfully 1 hour and thirty minutes of seeing a very beautiful country side of France.  I was tired but refused to fall asleep, I AM IN FRANCE!  We drove in and I could see the Eiffel tower was at a distance.  Oh ok how to do I get to the hostel!  I remember reading the best way to get around Paris is the Metro!(subway)  I walked around and walked, and walked, finally I found a captialized M!  METRO!  i started walking towards that direction.  Got into the station and bought 10 tickets 11 euro .25.  Where do I go?  So i remember they said that the hostel is in front of the Juares stop!  I looked at this board.  Select the stop that you plan to end it and it will light up the best possible route for you to take.  I found Juares and pulled out my handy dandy notebook and wrote down the information.  Validated my ticket and.....  hold on there are arrows going each way, there several trains..  which one is which, which way should I go if I take one!  Its like number 6, #2 here.  #5 here.  Insane!  My first true Metro experience, and my common sense moved me forward.  Got on to the right train and i had to "correspondance" =transfer to another train.  Then the final detour, the stop for Juares is closed.  So no problems I will get out at the prior stop and i will follow the rail line, thankfully it was above ground.  I walked until I found the Juares stop, then throught ok I am here.  Where is it?  Looked left and then right and whoala, found it.  Got into the hostel and I have to say it wasnt what I expected.  I was spoiled by my hostel in Dublin.  I didn't have cash but the lady was nice enough to say put your stuff of UP and go and get me cash!  Now this is where it got difficult.  I am at the very top and I have take my pack all of the way up!  I think total maybe 100 stairs!  They are steep and not enough for your entire foot to place on.  Finally room 18, 4 beds, one side shower room and the other the toilette.   Dropped of my stuff, went to go and get cash and paid for my stay.  I thought sicne it has been kind of raining, Notre Dame would  be best since,  it was inside.  So got into the train station.  Notre Dame was only two transfers away!  Perfect.  i was so impressed by it.  It was really one of the best things to view in my life!  Wow!  I can't believe so much detail here.  Its as though this could have taken thousands of years to build.  The inside was amazing, and huge.  Mass seemed to being prepared.  People were all around me, and some were locals and others tourists.  I was in awe of the entire experience.  I went and viewed everything I could.  I bought a rosary here.  Once I was done the sun had come out and so did the rest of the people.  I went to the side to get to the top of the cathedral.  I think 40 minute wait to get to the top. 

This guy walked in front of us and he had a mask in hand.  He put it on and the next thing you know he starts following people and scaring them.  Some screaming and some jumping like they just saw a ghost.  he connected with us.  He probably only spoke french but the entire crowd at this point was laughing, he had connected with us.  In one instance he walked down the street behind a couple and the boyfriend kind of paused to look at something while the girlfriend kept going.  the comedian, jumped on that opportunity like and lion on its prey.  He gave a slight push to the boyfriend to the side andput his arms around the girlfriend.  The best part is she was looking at the church, so she did not realize at all what was happening.  She turned to talk to her boyfriend, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAA!!!!!  Perfect!  We all laughed, it continued he had couple of other good tricks up his sleeve but it was our turn to go up.  I read the little pamplet and it said 400 plus stairs to go up.  I tell you going up the hostel steps was killer, these by far were the worst.  Crazy par that on the back of the pamplet it states it is not recommended for people who are prego, have a heart condition etc... Man I thought I had a hard condition when I finally was at the top.  Either way i was sone.  As beautiful as I could have imagined, you could see the Eifel tower.  All of the sky scrapers to the left, absolutely amazing sight.  I saw the famous bell of Notre Dame and walked up another set of stairs to the TOP which offers a 360 view of the city.  Now I get to write it, say it, and I did it!  Desending was actually easier but after a while you get kind of dizzy.  I sat in front of the church for a rest and the other was because you just have to enjoy it!  After that I begain to walk, walk, walk, walk.  I guess I got a little tired of the tourist buses in Dublin that I wanted something different.  So I just walked, though shopping areas, alley ways, just to view the city.  My only regret was not getting this eclaire that was just the most tastful looking eclaire!  Gosh I should have gotten it.

I stopped at a supermarket and bought a cheap sandwich, chips and water!  My first meal of the day!   Once I was done I kept walking.  I saw a few kids playing around and they were speaking French.  I find it awesome to hear kids speak different languages.  I got back on the Metro and decided to see the Eifel tower at night.  Got there around 630.  Plenty of people, and the crazy thing, this was the first time I realized I was away from the US.  Maybe it was the French or the tower itself.  but I guess it set in right there!  The tower was amazing, i have to say it tops everything thus far!  I felt like a two year old viewing an airplane for the first time.  I took a few photos and rested a bit under it, infront of it etc...  As I sat infront of it, i noticed that the lights begain to flash, qued a big awwweeeeee by all of the ladies.  Hilarious.  I was done and needed a rest. 

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photo by: lasersurge