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So last night I arrive to my train, and I find that there are 6 beds stacked 3 high on each side, and probably a room 6x6 liturally that small!  There are 2 people in the sleeper and one is already passed out with a wine bottle in hand.  The other is looking at me, with this I have no clue what to do look.  She tells me her friend had passed out and drunk she was on the second bunk.  Her luggage in the middle of the already crowded walk way, so I moved her stuff, took the bottle away and took in to the railcars WC (water closet (toilet)).  After that, I let the rest of the girls get settled, thats right I slept with 4 girls in one night.  LOL.  It was a little cramped in there but it was worth the stay cause for what ever reason I slept pretty good, I guess the motion of the train. 

I woke up got ready and got off in KRAKOW, Poland!  I found my hostel, and I was lucky they let me check in at 9:30 am.  So I checked in and took a much needed shower, changed clothes and went.  There was a free walking tour of Krakow and so I went to that.  I had a crazy amount of energy so it was cool to go on the tour.  I learned a lot and it was good to understand the history of the Polish city.  One of the staples of the square, in polish its called a circle.  But there is church and at every hour there is guy that plays his trumpet at every hour, and please it only half way through, to the north, south, east and west.  And the reason its only half way through is because legend has it, that the city was being attacked and the trumpet player was sounding the alarm if you and then one the best archers shot him with an hour through his throat.  Interesting to say the least.  We visited a few other sites, like the castle, the 7 gates into Krakow and a street with 8 churches.  The crazy part of that is that 169 churches in Krakow alone, 99.00% claim Catholic and 67% are practicing.  Thats an extremely high number and which is cool to be here with fellow catholics.  So anyway, as we finished up the tour I went back to the hostel, got some cash and headed to grab a new pair of pants.  I got some black jeans that a nice polish lady helped me.  It was only for 69,99 Zloty which is like 30 dollars.  After that, I kind of just walked around the square because they are having Christmas Bazars so its neat to see the local arts and crafts.  Came back to the hostel, it was severing hamburgers for dinner, I had a couple and met two pretty Australians and 1 mexican named Pablo.  We talked about our travels, one of them is doing 6 months, another 5 months.  Pablo was on 5 months.  We talked about the things that we missed, the cities we liked and the people that we have met.  Good times.

After that I was pretty exhausted so I decided to watch a movie.  It was like a Polish sex in the city type of movie and was pretty funny, its called Laydes.  After that I was tired and fell asleep. 
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photo by: vulindlela