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Today I had to wake up extremely early, its funny case everything in my body said don't.  The reason I had to was because I had to check out at 10:30 so that in itself is a task.  My clothes were washed and I repack my pack etc...  So I woke up and had some cerel for breakfast and then kind of stared at the walls like in my own little recovery world.  I was able to catch up with a couple of people from the night before and we all agreed the welsh were crazy as hell!  They drink like sailors on meth but have a darn good time.  After my little daze I decided to head out, it was time to actually do something.  The Castle and the Cathedral were of interest to me so I went.  I walked to the Castle and took a tour and it was cool in all but no Versallis, I was going to pay 10zloty to go to the cathedral but I was little low on cash and did not want to change up the money because tonight I am leaving.  I still needed lunch dinner etc... I walked back and stopped at restuarent that Liz Bailey suggested and it was a Georgian style food, which was actually pretty darn good, I enjoyed it.  After that I headed back to the hostel for some much needed rest, and I slept like no other.  After that dinner was served!  Updated my travel journal and then tonight I am off to the night train.  This train is nortorious to have stories about people stealing, trying to get into your sleeper etc... Even a story of the train being gassed and your stuff being jacked and you not even knowing about it.  They made dinner, and after that I watched some movie it was quite entertaining because there was one guy that voiced over everything in Polish.  I mean everything, womens, mens, kids voices so it was funny.  I watched it with a couple and then I headed to the train station.  I found my train boarded it, and then I was lucky that the conductor gave me my own car since there was a party of 5 in the same sleeper.  So I set up my bed, and the door raddled once and a while and then after that I slept facing the other direction towards the door just in case.  Feel asleep!


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There beds are THE only thing I can complain about!
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