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So today was actually pretty fun!  My first steps out of the airplane I almost slipped since it was raining cats and dogs.  You can image how I looked....  Once I stepped out, I tried to listen to Irish accents but you know there are only few at the airport.  I got on a bus and went to OConnell street!  Once there I tried to get understanding of where my place was located, since you know you have to have a home base!  So I just started walking and I walked, walked and walked, I found the local market.  I then found myself at a park and decided to go the opposite direction.  The directions to the hostel say "go south on Oconnell street!"  ummmm.... which way south again?  So then I went down oconnell street again, and I felt very cautious, I felt like I stuck out like a sour thumb...  I guess it would help if I had jeans and regular shirt on.  (I have to be comfortable wore my basketball shorts and a "TEXAS" shirt on the plane.  Either case after receiving a couple of peoples looks I decided it was time to find my hostel.  As vegue as it was, I managed to find it.  Thanksfully to my excellent navigational skills, while any other mier human would be lost and dumbfounded, I found it!  I spoke this nice receptionist who was kind enough to let me check in early.  I went inside went up to my room and she said it was on the third floor...  Well the growd floor is not counted, hence it being on the 4th AMERICAN floor.  LOL... I found the hostel my surprise empty and I being the only one there.  Which actually is a blessing...  GOSH!  So I took a shower and went out again...  I walked and walked, I walked pretty much until my feet hurt.  OH welll it was fun!  After that, I grabbed a bite to eat (Thunderbird) which was really american Food, but either case it was not the best cut of meat Philly Cheese) and headed back to the hostel, which at this point I pretty tired.  I got back to the hostel at 3 and got up at 730.  Refreshed myself and went out to Temple Bar.  So temple bar is like the 6th street of Austin, but in the end as I learned just touristy place.  Very few Irish folks.  So I walked down and tried to find the best place.  So I started at St.  Gogory  started downstairs and just watch a soccer game.  Who would have known I would be witnessing, the most talked about game of the year.  Ireland Vs. France  Oh man it was game, it was cool to experience a game there.  Its like going to Dallas to watch a Dallas game in a bar, cheers, shouts of hatred for the other team!  Funny sounding curse words etc...  It was fun, though I have not meet any Americans yet it was just cool.  I then went to "Temple bar"  and witness the final end of the game.  They are tied 1-1 in overtime.  Then in the final shot the French guy kicked the ball to another french guy and in was bound to go out of bounds.  But then he stuck his hand out and then kicked the ball into the goal.  He cheated...  The crowd is an uproar! All of the local Irish people (the bartenders, waitresses etc...) had this glum look on their face.  Like the world had crashed upon them!  So then I wasn't really satisfied with the crowd.  So I left back to Gogory's to their 2nd floor where they actually had good music.  (the locals despise this place)  oh well...  So we had Dan, Andy, and Donald.  I believe it was "Dan's Berffday" its so funny to hear their accent.  At one point the got the list of those in the crowd and finally said who's American, in this big loud roar I say "YEAH!"  Of course I was the only one in the bar.  Guess I am not in Kansas any more... LOL.  After 2 pints of Guiness and 1 pint of Carlsburg.  I was ready to retire.  I went walked back home and fell asleep.  (I went home at 0130 so you can imagine there only a few people on the streets except creepy people so I decided to walk faster!)   
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photo by: fransglobal