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Today, was very fast! Time flys!  I feel like my time here has flown but I have done so much!  This morning I started my day early 8 AM, laundry was still wet from last night!  And I gained a room mate at 4 in the morning.  The person was actually quite and did not turn on the lights or anything!  I thought that was very considerate!  I think he/she was drunk and need a place to crash!  It is taken a little to get use to, that at any point anyone can come into your room.  But again, we are all under the same circumstances.  (everything was locked up... lol)  Anyway, i went down to the upper oconnel street to purchase two tickets, one of them was the northern coast tour and the other was the ghost tour which is at half nine tonight!  (9:30, I know a little wierd writing it!)  Anyway, Malahide Castle was our first stop!  It was pretty cool there!  I loved that it is old, I mean stuff there has exsisted for hundreds and hundreds of years, yet I am only 28 years old.  The best thing I thought wsa the dining hall, I wish I was able to take pictures but sadly that was no the case!  But the hall was big, beautiful and they offer package for Christmas, but I wont be here then!  Oh well....  We got back on the bus and went through the coast, had small talk with some the other people on the bus!  I need to get better of asking "where are you all from?" because right now I can't tell who speaks english and who doesn't!  We made two more stops on the coastal line!  How beautiful!  Man I loved every minute of it!  It was windy but the sun came out "Thank God!" and I was able to snap a few good photos!  The driver of the bus, sang said some rehearsed but funny jokes and was pretty awesome to let us stop at the places we did.  Officially there is only one stop but like I said he allowed us to stop two times.  After that we got back around 14:45.  I was pretty hungry but I did not eat since we were on Oconnell street and everything is so expensive around there!  So I started walking, and walking, walking!  I kind of gotten tired of tours, even through I know it wont ever stop but it was time for Adam Exploration.  I saw the Peace """"##;'[;'. |(I don't remember the name of) and took a few photos.  Then I saw a pretty church who seemed to be lonely at the moment.  I step inside, said a prayer and I am actually on my way there now to Celebrate Mass.  I will be having Mass with the Irish!  I grab a quick bite to eat there after and move towards the ghost tour, which I will let you know the outcome on the next post!  Once I left the church I head to get a bite to eat and then walked back to my hostel, my clothes are still wet, so bought a token for the dryer one euro and hopefully it will dry in hour.  They don't seem to be the best of quality dryers.  So now headed to Mass!

Update: Awesome time!  So I left to mass and it was pretty darn fast, by the 20 min mark we were at communion.  There after I meet two Americans from Georgia, they were a couple traveling with one their parents.  We chatted a bit, and the guy was like football player in high school and wasn't the smartest out of the bunch.  He asked me a few times, how was that I was traveling the world...  And explained the train system a couple times.  We said our pleasentries and then we parted, I went back to hostel for extra battaries for my camera, bought something quick for a bite to eat, then then fled to the meeting point for my ghost tour. 

I finally made a connection here is the story. I arrive at ghost tour and take my seat and a british family sits in fron of me.  there is not enough room for all of them, and if they asked I would have moved but they just seated behind me.  The leader came on and used a loud mic and screeching sounds for his scare tactics.  He starts telling a story about a building that couldn't be demolished because of the ghost that haunted freaked out all of the workers who tried.  After years of it finally was demolished at and it resides over this very spot that the bus has stopped.  And it is just over seat number 12.  Who is in seat 12?  We all looked around and knew one of us would be the victim of this horror story.  Guess who it was?  ME!  I laughed, a little embarrassed but nothing I couldn't have fun with.  I laughed at my myself as well as everyone else and headed towards our first stop a graveyard.  He started to tell the story, with few freak outs and few laughs and then the stop.  We exited the bus to headed to the graveyard.  We had to walk this dublin street, which we were all cold and it was rainy.  We lighten but it was not the best part of town according to the guide.  A nice older lady walks next to me and encourges me that this tour is cool.  "You know its just different, yeah,"  I agreed.  By her accent I knew she was local.  We walked into the graveyard, through the tallgate, I went to setup my camera to take some pictures for some night shotes, with long exposure, the old lady came behind me and gave me a quick little boo!  I laughed, I stuck with her for a bit and little commentary from her, here and there.  She was with her family, her granddaughter I think and her actual daughter.  Thats when I met Christine.  Christine was pushing her Aunt, in wheel chair.  She let her grandmother enjoy the front and she stayed behind with her aunt.  I hung back too, to be honest she was pretty funny and had some good jokes.  I walked around to take some pictures, made my way back to my original spot.  Christine looked behind me a few times.  I got a little fix that she kept looking behind me, so to fix my curiosty I looked.  She said, " I thought I saw an orb one you took that picture."  I replied, " I looked case you looked!"  We both laughed.  The story telling continued and we went into a grave site, and a female volunteer was requested by the leader.  She looked at me and said why and the hell not!  She raised her hand.  The leader pulled her up and they went through the motions.. So i planned out my approach, I would take a few pictures of her and to keep in touch I will get her email by asking her for her email address.  She should respond with of course! We left the grave site and the grandma befriended me.  She told me a story of her ghost haunting.  Getting on the bus, thankfully the Brits took my spot and sat next to the grandma, and on the other side, Christine and her aunt.  The tour continued.  A bottle fell over, I looked over and Christine had a drink, but with the perfect facial expression, she pointed at her Grandma, gave the drink-hand-position and tipped her head back.  That facial expression has been ingrained in my head ever since.  I laughed.  The grandma looked over next to me and said what did she say?  I said nothing, just laughed and we made it over to next stop of the bus.  We collected a few more photos and then headed ack to original place that we were picked up.  Christine opened up her bottle and started to drink. Grandma said," This one, is not very graceful."  She replied,"Ma its been luike 6 months since I have been out.  Gave another sarcastic look and another perfect facial expression.  We connected.  I then asked the question.  She replied,"I don't even know how where to start if I had a computer, can I do the picture through my phone." I said of course!  I pulled out my black book and gave her my pen.  She said I am the first in this book!  She started to write.  WE arrived at the bus stop and she continued to write.  Grandma realized what was going on and left the bus.  I waited.  She was finished, she kept the book and we head down stairs.  Grandma looked at me and said," Wish we meet you earlier,"  I said, for sure!  Christine said, "Don't you read this until later or I'll kill yeah," giving me a evil face and an cute irish accent.  She gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek.  I felt this was the first connection I had made in another country.  Amazing.  She had wrote her phone number, address with a few xxooxoxoxo. 

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