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So after a very good night sleep and a comfortable one I might add I got up.  I went into the hostels kitchen for breakfast.  Which was just toast and cerel.  I am kind of scared of milk in other countries.  People are scared of water, me MILK!  I had one bite of cerel and said nope this is not going to work.  So I decided just for toast!  Man I was hungry.  So couple piece of toast and people there were really into themselves and I tried to start pleasentries but my actions failed... OH WELL!  (Brits.)  One piece of advise, pay attention to the walk crossing lights, man the right of way is not given to us!  If you are in the lane look out! I jetted out of the door and went back up o connell street and went to the TI (Tourist Information) and bought the Rambler pass, which is unlimited use for 3 days!  PERFECT!  They take me to all of the major sites and I get unlimited use of the local bus system, ALSO PERFECT!  First , got onto the bus and let the it take me!  I decided to stay on until I decided there was something there to call me.  Then I went into the Kilmainham Gaol its like this freaky old jail that its like an old castle on the outside.  Wicked!  So I got on board, and went inside.  Not bad actually, very creepy spots and went was blowing like crazy and made me feel kind of creeped out!  I mean it sounded like screaming inside.  It was pretty cool.  So the story I remember was Joseph Plunkett who was sentenced to death and his last wish was to be married to Grace.  Two hours before his execution they got married in the chapel in the jail.  (No Conjugal Visits! ( I made that Joke to the tour guide, he took me serious of course and said "yes it is a tragedy!"))  After that, I got back onto the Bus, and it kind of made a circle and found myself at the National Musuem of Art.  (I really wish art spoke to me like it does others)  So i went because it was free and hey thats what I am supposed to do as a tourist.  I really liked Jack Yeats work.  There was a particular piece that I LOVED and it was simple, it was a son behind his mother, on the street.  For whatever reason I just stood there...  May I might add I NEVER DO THIS.  I was about to take a picture, but Dublin is pretty stricted on pictures in certain spots.  I was like, oh well...  After that I realized I was hungry so I ate in the musuem which was quite reasonable in price.  9.95 Euro (4 glasses of water!  Water in Dublin is better then Plano/Dallas and comparable to Austin water).   After I went into the Edvard Munch famous for the (Scream painting), 3 Euro.  It was pretty cool actually, he was really able to capture what he wanted in the paintings.  After that I WAS done with art.  I left the place and may I add Dublin has some of the Finest Restrooms clean, stocked with TP etc...  Man they beat Austin, Plano Frisco etc...  Anyway it was getting late so I decided to finish the night off at the Guiness Brewery!  That was total experience, I would recommend it times ten!  It was great!  Everything I wanted and more.   I got my discount for being on the tour bus 1 Euro.  Sweet, then went on a self guided tour.  I made my way up the steps floor by floor and it was pretty cool.  they had this awesome display of pretty much everything they had to offer!  Wicked!  I did everything I possibly could inside, of course took a couple of self portraits.  INSIDE.  Then made my way up to the top, this Gravity Bar.  The coolest place ever!  First you turn in your ticket for you complementary pint of Guiness!  SWEET!!  Then looked out the windowed-walled-360-view of Dublin!  Awesome, I could see the Tallest Monument in dublin.  (The monument is nicknamed stiffy on the liffy, since it resides next to the Liffy River, and it is erect object.)  I stayed there for a while enjoyed my Guiness and thankfully did it today because there not as many because it wasn't the weekend and it was rainy all day.  As I finished up my time there, I went down the elevator, made quick deposit in the Dublin Restroom and got back on the BUS to head back to the hostel.  I stopped for Dinner at this "Dublin 7-11" which offers a Sandwhich for 3.55 Euro.  NO chips please since they 2.55 Euro!  Drink... NO THANK YOU! Water will do fine....  I meet this Venezulan student who served me the sandwich she was pretty, young but she thought I was one of them.  I meet a drunk Brazilian who thought I was one his kind too, I guess its my skin color, eyebrows etc...  Anyway, I come to the internet cafe for a quick email, facebook check and then went back to my hostel drop off my bag.  Washed up and went out again.  This time I was headed to a Musical Pub Crawl.  The leaders where Eugene and Anthony, pronounced (Antony dublin accent).  They played the coolest music and they seem to be actual musicians not people who are tour-guide-entertainers, trust me there is a difference.  Recommend it for sure.  We went to 3 seperate Pubs and of course drink was available for purchase in all three.  I took a couple of videos that I will upload later.  I stuck around with these 2 American Ladies, of course both married out on business.  But they were great to talk to too.  Just funny all around, they approached me to talk.  One thing about traveling alone is not talking to many people, like your by yourself and excluded from the club... LOL.  But thats why I have family a friends to chat with back home.  Anyway, when I was done with that 1 Carlsburg and a guiness, they recommended a spot called the Palace.  At the beginning of fleet street.  Very small venue, it was a house at one point.  I walked in and went upstairs.  There 3 younger guys there playing music.  I saw Antony there and he was already drinking with this older couple, they are from the Boston Area.  I hung out with them the majority of the night at this point I had 4 beers total.  I was pretty buzzed.  I meet the Brazilian who was wasted off his rocker, you know I too nice to say go away but after that I turned around and meet this guy from Georgia who got laid off from his job and decided to take a 2 week vacation which came out of savings, he told me he was just here for the day and was about to take a ferry to paris.  I understood him completely.  He was traveling alone as well, so another american is always welcome.  After that I talked the bartender for a bit, went in and out of conversation with the Boston couple and Antony.  Bartender gave me some good ideas of what to do, and what to do with my time that I have left, went over the soccer game.  I said why no instant reply, he said "Because the game is ment to be played with Honor and no cheating!" I replied," So if tables were turned on Ireland it would be a different situation?"  He laughed and said,"We wouldn't say anything eder (either)!"  Good times...  I left the bar.  That night I had one of the worst migraines ever!  I couldnt believe it was so bad that it made me throw up.  (I wasn't hung over!)  Because all I threw up was water that I had earlier.  4 AM or so.  I contemplated on going to get meds but decided I could push through it.  Of course this is my additude. 
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photo by: fransglobal