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One thing that I have noticed about my trip into Budapest, I am unsure is if I am tired or what but this place is just chill.  Like my hostel guy was like pay me when you get back and then it was just laid back and felt no inclination to go out or anything.  I know its really weird but yeah.   So today, I got up and went to go reserve my ticket for my train.  I got the ticket and a sleeper and headed back towards my hostel.  What is funny is that, I had not had a decent Breakfast in the longest!  So i decided it was time for one.  So I found this place that had 2 breakfast sand whichs for like 3 euros.  Oh man it was good.  Eggs, ham/bacon I think and bread.  After that I headed back to the market.  The market had plenty of things to see and do.  There was touristy stuff, there was tons of meat, from steak to pork, to goose, chicken, liver, you name it you got it.  It would put central market to shame!  Fresh fruit, cheese bread!  Everything.  I wish I felt that I should make my own meals but its just so hard for me because I don't feel like it and plus I don't want to order something that is disgusting or not what I wanted!  So after that I decided it was a good idea to buy food for tonights long jouney.  It starts in Budapest and goes to Venice from 430 to 07:34 in the morning.  Which was really long so I know I would be crazy hungry. So i bough some sandwich food and some bacon flavored chips!  And water of course.  Then I left back to the hostel cause my laundry needs to be done.  So now I just caught up journaling about to grab something else to eat, I am not really hungry but its going to be a long journey tonight.  Plus I hear they are notorious for theft so I have to keep an eye on all my stuff.  Tomorrow will be a week till I go back home, my last weekend is this weekend and I am going to party it up!
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photo by: Chokk