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Well today's big plan is to go to the House of Terror and then head to the spa for the entire day.  I was going to meet up with the Scot and the American that I met yesterday.  We met and then they had to get an earlier train, so instead of the house of terror we decided to go to the Spa.  What an easy compromise.  We got into the spa, changed clothes, locked it up and went outside.  PERFECT place!  So there are three pools in the middle court yard.  One pool is just a Thermal pool at like 34 degrees Celcius, 93 F!  Oh man, it was perfect.  What made it even better is that droplets of rain were coming down so it felt like having a wonderful cool off!  So we stayed there for quite a bit and then decided it was a good idea, to check out the inside.  The inside was nice, it was just that it smelt.  The Thermal pools are supposed to since it natural water but even so it was like sulfur I believe.  Then there are these two other pools one was like 20 degrees which is like 68 F and the other was 39 which is 102.  Oh man!  I guess you are supposed to go to the hot one for like 5 minutes only and then go into the cold one immediately afterwards.  We did it but man it was too hot and too cool.  So after that there was a sauna.  So we did that for a bit, me and the Scot James left cause it was just too hot for us!  After that we all went out side and spent the rest of our time together.  They left around 2 and then I saw the the big guy once again and chatted for a bit.  He was doing a 5 month tour for a while and was doing pretty good.  He had been traveling since september 18th.  After that I had to go pee so I went inside and practically dried off, and after that I did not want to get into the water just yet.  So I went to find a massage.  I looked at a couple of places and whats sad yes I know, but I went with the place who had the hotest women.  I know...  After that I had this amazing big front, foot arm etc... massage.  I feel asleep of course and then went back down and showered.  By the time I was done it was like 430!  I had been for 6 hours!  Loved it!  I was pretty darn tired though.  I took the tram back down to my hostel and went to go eat at the Cheap place.  Which is like traditional hungarian but cheap! The chicken was dry but it was good.  After that I headed back to my hostel to relax.  They were watching this funny show called Peep show, a british comedy.  It was actually hiliarious, by the time we were done we went through 3 seasons, but they are only 6 shows per season.  Anyway, after that I was pretty tired and fell asleep. 
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photo by: Chokk