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Well this morning I woke up crazy early and decided it was a good idea to one of the walking tours.  So I left my hostel a little early and went to the main square area were we would meet.  I met the lady Agnus I believe and she gave us some maps and explained the city to us.  If you don't know that Budapest has two parts Buda and Pest.  Buda is the west side and east side is Pest.  Dom river splits it down the river and from my understanding that there is fault line under the river and it moved the crust shifted and made the hills of Buda!  So pretty interesting.  Hungary is a recovering communist country and it just wierd to truly understand what that actually means.  Like in Berlin, not being able to have Banana's or once the communist left they had stand in line just for bananas very similar story here.  One the interesting things was that at Christmas time people would take out bank loans just for presents and were unable to pay them back.  It was a freedom that they did not have and the people were not mature enough to handle that responsibility.  CRAZY!  Anyway, we went through the square, saw the cathedral and head to the other side of the bridge.  We went to the other side of the bridge walked all the way up the hill.  It was pretty crazy!  2 days ago I was going from one side of Prague to the other, now I am climbing hills!  MY LEGS FELT IT!  There was a couple of funny things that I did, one was for good luck you rub a horses testicles with both hands and it will bring you luck.  In the 17-18 Century they did this before big exams.  Guess what, I did it with no remorse but its great fun.  After that went to see the uglest Hilton ever!  But the cool thing about the Hilton is that it has an old church inside of it, no really a church any longer but its cool to see.  There was the Royal Palace and the "white house" but she's like, "There is nothing going to happen in Budapest, so you can go up to the white house, touch it, go next to it, whatever!"  There was even a window open when I past later!  Ha HA!  So after that, I gave her 2000 Forients which is like around 10 bucks I believe.  She then took us to this self serve place, that was really cheap. The tour guides even helped us order which was like a group of 16.  Awesome!  Here is the Free walking tour link. Like less the 5 euros for lunch that was potatos, cabbage, 1 liver sausage and 1 blood sausage.  It was pretty tasty I like it.  I sat down with the Scottish guy named James and his companion friend Erin.  We talked for a while and we both appreciated each others american/english speakingness.  So we made plans to go hang out tomorrow.  After that I headed down to the cave church and from the cave church I went to go inside the cathedral.  The cave church was very neat and I think I would thoroughly enjoy having mass in the actual church itself.   The cathedral was amazingly cool inside, dark but excellent.  Once I was done with that, I head back to the hostel.  They had a Christmas Bazare there, which I enjoyed and just walked around for a bit.  Then I decided to get some grilled whatever and take it back to the hostel since I walked so much I was bet.  I saw the drunk, big guy from Prague and talked for a bit.  Then went to order, the I asked for to go but she did not understand.  So then I started act out and then she figured it out and gave me a to go carton full of this quater or pork leg that had amazing pig skin on it and this potato with onions and red sause.  Walked back to the hostel and chilled out.  My fellow hostlers were watching a movie and I was glad to join.  By the time we were done, we went through old school and anchor man.  I went to bed around midnight but my roommate was an indian girl from Australia who lives in London.  We talked till about 1230 or so and fell asleep. 
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photo by: Chokk