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The train ride was long and crazy!  The thing is that, it is regional train and takes tons of time because it stops.  (its free though)  Only one train conductor told me instructions the rest just checked my ticket and we were on the way.  I was really nervous.  Because if I take the wrong train I stuck in who knows where!  I found a little compartment and stayed in that one.  And I slept, but after while its like being on a plane you get anzy and want to get up and going.  So I got to Berlin around 3 in the afternoon.  I have started a routine, find the mode of transportation, find a city map, find home base and MOVE!  So I did, this time because of my experience in Paris made my adaption so much faster and easier.  I moved!   I found my hostel after a mistake the wrong way but thats ok.  Berlin is harder because the language is so different to my ear and when I read it.  Checked in and made a game plan, eat, get out the nice shirt and go out!  As I DID!  I went to Thai place and man it had my usual musumman Curry it was delicious.  The best part it was only ten Euro including tip.  I love BERLIN!  I then located the bar "Zapata" for the pub crawl.  That was one the best experiences yet. 

So first one I got there, I had to buy a wrist ban, I had to go down the street, the coolest part was that the guy says take one for the road.  I DID!  They are free until 9 and in berlin you can drink on the streets!  (good and bad things because of that.)  The bars are open all night!  Either way, I bought my wrist ban and left back to the meeting area.  At first it looks a little shaddy, I know that sounds wierd, but it does.  Like I imagined the meeting room like, a place were they gather all of the tourists and then vampires lock up all the doors and kill us all.  Wierd I know.  There was a cool 60 people there.  It kind of started off a little slow but once we got moving, people started to move out of their confort zone and start talking to other people.  I talked to a few here and there but I made some friends.  We stopped at our next pub and we filled it, since it kind of small, very packed.  They played older music which was cool with me.  We sung together.  I met this college group of friends, Cory, Meagan, Grant and his girlfriend.  Then I met Edward and Lisa, the question that starts all conversations while you travel is," where are you from?"  Followed by, "Are you on Holiday?"  Then I gave my full explaination.  It was awesome to speak to these people.  Edward was getting his PHD in something, and the others were just studding abroad.  I forgot their majors.  I hung with them most of the night.  We had some awesome laughs and we really connect as people and if there was more time I am sure we would have done more.  I meet another fellow named Chris.  This guy was hilarious.  Was a tall guy, 6,5 or so and he did not care about anything.  He was telling us about the best clubs in the city.  His trick to this was to speak with german accent and be act gay.  I guess the best clubs are gay clubs, ok no problem.   He gave us the rules, "Act gay with a German accent and they will let you in?  If you do get in, don't take off your shirt because that means want to party!"  Edward challenges him, "Act gay?" Chris replies,"Man, we trying to break into into an underground network here (British accent)!"  I laughed pretty hard.  I still do...

After that we went to a few other pubs, nothing fantastic, my friends had dwindled to Chris, Edward and Lisa.  We  hung around until the last club, that took a train ride to the Matrix.  The best one I hear.  But I was not impressed since it was a club.  The weird thing here is that guys don't care if women are around, they just dance, around each other.  They were straight I assure you, I saw a couple try to hit on a couple girls.  Thats when I got a lesson, it doesn't matter who is around or what, just have a good time.  Chris had his own group that he was with and he danced (funny tall guz dancing) but it was because he was having a good time!  I love that! 

No matter who's looking, just have a good time.

I got home at 330, facebooked and went to bed.  My roommate was a sleep already.
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photo by: CFD