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Today I woke up pretty to have breakfast, it has been a while since I have had breakfast, and today I think I had three meals but that can be hard for me.  I know I am going to live like a king in poland so I am excited about that!  Anyway, I got ready and did a little facebooking and headed to my train station, Lichtenberg-Berlin to drop off my heavy pack and kept my day pack.  It was nice to know that I had a free day a head of me.  I decided to go to the 'free tour of Berlin'  I had the same guide again from yesterday which was cool.  louie, the britt.  Anyway, some repetative stuff about Hitler but only reinforced the facts so I can remember later.  Also learned more about the Berlin wall etc...  Histoy is amazing.  After the tour I walked around, found a Catholic Cathedral finallz and I wasn't able to do one last thing which was go up the parlament building dome.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Either way I walked around a market area that was Christmas themed.  By the way not HOLIDAY themed but Christmas!  I LOVE IT!  They had all kinds of stuff and finally got a German Brautwarst!  Had a chocalote covered apple, I wanted the apple to be more crisp but thats ok it was enjoyable.  When I was done, I walked around for a bit, found atm and got some cash for my trip to poland.  Then just walked around and reallz got the culture of my German friends. 

I am sorry maybe its just me but German woman were not attractive for me.  There are some hotties in this world and I am sure there are plenty here but seriously.  Oh well, this was the follow up for Paris, lol. 

Then I kind of started thinking.  And I guess I came up with the thought that I am really ok by myself and traveling by myself is awesome.  I think I really like it.  However, I met a gentleman who was at least 35 - 40 not married and traveling, just to travel.  I guess I don't want to be that.  I want to be settled down and doing the family thing eventually.  The other thing that I promised myself, is that I needed to start looking better.  I have been putting off certain things, but Paris and the European people have shown me that just being in your daily life you need to look good.  You can spot the youth (trendy folk) and Americans by there shoes.  I guess for me I think 500 wardrobe shopping spree will do when I get back to the states. 

Well tonight I have a long train ride in front of me almost 10 hours.  Wicked I KNOW, luckily I get to sleep through most of it! 
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photo by: CFD