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The best night thus far, of going out.  NOW?  I got up at 10 5,5 hours of sleep.  A went, breakfast was already done, but cereal was out so I had a bowl of it.  And i set up trip information for Krakow since I leave tomorrow at 2100.  So I got on the Ubaun - 2 and then Sbaun 5.  Then walked until I found the meeting point for our 3rd Riech tour.  I found the meeting spot.  It was cool, I have to say.  The tour was very informative, and I think this guy could be a professor or something.   He had so much good information it was rediculous.  He gave me all of the information I needed and more.  We went to all of the major sites, including the Jewish Memorial, homosexual memorial (two men kissing? and supposedly it will change to 2 women kissing.) The Gastopo building (it has been domolished. Nazi headquarters, soviet monument etc...  They were amazing sites.  The coolest but the saddest piece was the exhibit for the Terror of the Nazi.  It was horrible, I wanted to take pictures to bring them back but I just couldn't.  Even at the memorials I couldn't put myself in the pictures because why should I smile!  The exhibit had pictures of the holocaust.  It showed graphic pictures of the hangings, the execution style murders of jews.  HORRIBLE, two things stick out.

There is this picture, a 'trophy' picture at that the husband a german soldier sent a picture to his wife, that shows his about to kill the last jewish person in that town.  She mounted it in her living room.  I just can't fathem that, when was good idea to even consider killing people.  He talked about it and said that, Hitler had literally brain washed these people.  No excuse but he did.  He did well, for 10 years the hitler youth had taken classes on how to measure peoples faces to determine if they were jewish or not.  I mean thats insane.  They believed that they were doing the world some good.  I just can't imagine.

The second part of that is that as I was reinforced in my arguement.  That HUMANs not just Germans but humans have the capability to do what was done.  The americans did it to the Native Americans, the Germans did it to the jews and even Britan has done it.  However, hitler did much much worse.  He factorized it.  He made to were, you arrive, they tell you that you are going to get a shower and they gas you. How can we, civilization has traveled so far but yet we can do this to other people.  It still exists I know.  We are capabile of doing this.  I have to say very hard on the heart.  At one of the pictures, I felt so sad that I literally felt like crying.  Rapists, Thiefs, Murders were treated better.  Doesn't that sound like someone else?  My man JC.  I know when I go to Krakow, it will be hard but I must.  I tell that to many people and they say I would never do that on Holiday.  WE MUST.


Well I will update hopefully in Krakow.
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